Exploring the Latest Technological Trends in US Online Casinos

The history of gambling in the USA is pretty rich. Even Native American tribes used to engage in it, with games like the tabletop “haba” or something resembling modern lotteries known as “monshimaut” being famous. Over time, gambling, or at least some forms of it, went from being strictly prohibited to being legal in most American states.

Dealing with gambling legislation in the country is difficult now since it is regulated at federal and regional levels. Consequently, each state must comply with federal laws while also having the right to introduce its regulations at the regional level.

Advancements in the digital space are progressing alongside the annual expansion of the online casino business and these improvements in customer experience are intended to bring radical changes to the gambling sphere. For instance, virtual reality (VR) simulates the environment. Users can realistically interact with it using specific equipment.


Today, let’s dig into the state of the online gambling market in the USA. We’ll try to sketch out the portrait of the average player and spill the beans on the top casino industry trends that are being rolled out right now and shaping the future of this industry.

The Online Gambling Market

Given the recent tech advancements, it’s no surprise that online gaming is gaining more and more traction. Every year, the volume of bets made by Americans in casinos and sportsbooks continues to grow.

The majority of local gamblers view casino websites as a way to make money, according to American surveys. A smaller but no less substantial segment of the populace sees gambling as a way to try out new things. These users actively participate in any events the sites host and are always looking for new innovations.

The United States, having legalized the gambling market, has seen a 22% increase in revenue. A unique feature highlighted by the American Gambling Association is that much of the revenue growth is attributable to increased attention from the Millennial generation, currently the largest group of players in the US. The value of this market in the US is estimated at $2 billion and is expected to reach $9 billion over the next 10 years.

Let’s delve deeper into the popularity of gambling games in the USA study by Newzoo revealed that about 73.9 million U.S. residents are active users of casinos. Among them, 52% play gambling games for real money, with 2.6% of customers spending significant amounts of money. Analyzing the casino demographic customers, we find that:

  • The most active users are men aged 36 to 50, constituting 21% of the total;
  • Women aged 36 to 50 take the second position, making up 16%;
  • The third spot goes to men aged 26 to 35.

According to casino stats, women between the ages of 18 and 25 are less active users of such sites. Only 6% of American women in this age group prefer gambling games.

When it comes to folks’ favorite forms of online gambling in the US, poker takes the top spot. Over 27% of casino-goers prefer getting in on the action with poker. Slot machines snag the second position, with more than 26% of Americans trying their luck on those one-armed bandits. Bingo takes the third spot in the hearts of US casino patrons, with 17% of them enjoying a round or two.

The surge in the popularity of mobile gambling has been one of the most significant trends in the online gambling industry in recent years. As more and more folks use their smartphones and tablets to get online, it’s no surprise that casinos and bookmakers are putting serious money into their mobile platforms. In fact, many operators now report that a substantial chunk of their revenue comes from mobile users.

Regarding regions where gambling is popular, let’s first tackle the question of its legality. In 48 American states, gambling is allowed in one form or another. The exceptions are Utah and Hawaii, where gambling is entirely prohibited. For reference, here are some well-known casinos in the U.S., with the majority based in the main American gambling hub, Las Vegas: 

  • Bellagio;
  • Wynn;
  • Planet Hollywood;
  • Caesars Palace;
  • Borgata;
  • Bally’s;
  • Resorts Atlantic City;
  • MGM Resorts.

Although online casinos are legal, only a few states in the US have laws governing them. Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan and Connecticut are a few of these. Players in other states can partake in so-called social casinos without real-money wagers, travel to a part of the US with legal gambling sites, or wait for local regulation to improve.

Mobile Gambling

The emergence of mobile gaming has significantly transformed the online casino industry. Because more players are choosing to play on their phones, the market for games for smartphones and tablets is growing exponentially. Global sales for this industry alone are expected to reach an astounding $98 billion by the end of 2023.

The proliferation of smartphones and easy access to high-speed internet have sparked a revolution in mobile gaming. Players may now enjoy their preferred games from anywhere at any time. The iGaming industry for mobile games has created new avenues for creativity and opportunity. Casinos are leveraging smartphone features to enhance player engagement, offering a multitude of additional nuances:

  • Adaptation for different screen resolutions of gadgets;
  • Easy touchscreen controls;
  • Specially designed games for smartphones: shake your device to roll the dice or spin the roulette without swiping the screen;
  • Bonuses and promotions exclusively available on mobile devices.

Mobile Casino Bonuses




Crypto Casinos

Another bangin’ trend in the online casino world is crypto gaming. These new online real money casinos riding on the wave of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are used as payment methods, providing security and anonymity for players.

Blockchain technology, the powerhouse behind crypto games, ensures transparency and fairness in the gaming process. Transactions using cryptocurrencies are recorded in the blockchain, making them tamper-proof and counterfeit-proof. This builds trust between players and operators of sites.

The perks of crypto games are crystal clear. Players get to enjoy anonymity and confidentiality, no need to spill personal info or banking details. Plus, transactions using cryptocurrencies are safe and lightning-fast.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

AR and VR – that’s augmented and virtual reality. If you’ve ever played Pokémon GO, you’ve messed around with augmented reality. And diving into virtual reality requires strapping on some VR goggles – they beam a 3D reality right in front of your eyes.

These tech wonders broaden the horizons for gamers and pull in a younger crowd. Over the past few years, casinos have been blending virtual reality and augmented reality tech. Players get a whole different visual and graphic experience, making the game way more intriguing. These tech marvels have shaken up the iGaming industry, giving it a leg up on other gambling sectors.

Social Gambling

Social casinos, on the flip side, are like apps or websites where you can get your game on with popular ones like roulette, video poker, licensed online slots, blackjack and the whole shebang. This kind of gaming came to life by blending the video game and gambling industries, thanks to the social media craze.

Despite the casino label, social games are just for kicks. Players aren’t dropping real cash when they play, and there’s no fat financial win when they hit the jackpot. Moreover, they allow you to chat with other players, just like you would in online games. It’s all about the fun, no serious business here.

Artificial Intelligence 

Using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), the gambling industry is diving into new tools to predict player behavior, personalize experiences, optimize operations and enhance user support. Let’s break down the essence of each technology:

AI is a more “broad” term that refers to the creation of computer systems capable of performing tasks requiring intelligence, such as pattern recognition, learning, planning, decision-making and so on.

ML, on the other hand, is a subset of AI commonly used to train computer systems based on data. ML finds applications in various fields, including natural language processing, computer vision, fraud detection, recommendation systems and more.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Data security is a top priority for any online casino. Customers share personal information, such as credit card details, personal identification and other confidential data. Keeping this information secure is an integral part of earning the trust that’s necessary.

As technology advances, more sophisticated methods of data protection emerge. Implementing SSL encryption, two-factor authentication and other technological innovations helps ensure the confidentiality of customer information.

Social Media Integration

Social media platform integration has gained prominence in the online gaming sector in recent years. A lot of casinos actively use social media to expand their clientele and improve relationships with existing ones. Social integration has several benefits.

  • Communication with people. Casinos can increase player loyalty by creating a community around their brand;
  • Awareness of Brand. More people learn about your casino through social media mentions and activity;
  • Feedback. Social media users actively share their thoughts, which enables quick reactions to compliments and criticism.

Rich Gaming Experience

Every US site strives to provide a distinctive gaming experience for its patrons. This may originate from a number of sources, such as:

  • An extensive selection of online games where players can place bets on slot machines, roulette, baccarat, live dealer poker and more;
  • High-quality graphics and sound, thanks to which the games provide the best immersion in what is happening on the screen;
  • Fast financial transactions that enable quick deposits and withdrawals of winnings to provide players with a better gaming experience.

Smartwatch Gambling

Trips to the casino are surely a blast, just like gaming on your mobile phone, but how about the idea of playing wherever and whenever you want, even without a smartphone? In 2017, the renowned casino game developer, Microgaming rolled out the first smartwatches for online gaming. They provide an even more accessible and faster way to access casino entertainment than mobile phones. So, when all online casino service providers soon start offering casino games on smartwatches, we can expect the next significant leap in the popularity of the gambling industry.

New Generation Slots

Every year, the gambling industry goes through some new changes and expansions, and there are always new online casinos popping up in the market. One category that stands out is the fast games – unconventional slot machines with no reels, standard paylines, or symbols.

A prime example of such a game is the Aviator slot. In this one, you place your bet and watch the airplane’s flight. The key is to cash out your bet at the right moment. That’s when it gets multiplied by the current coefficient on the field.

Rewards and Bonuses

Bonuses in online casinos ain’t just about placing bets on slot machines; it’s also about scoring gifts for staying active. The admins of today’s gaming platforms are hustling to whip up the most lucrative deals for their clients, aiming to reel in new users and keep the OG players hooked. Generous casino bonuses come in a variety of packs – deposit deals, free spins, cashback, perks for downloading the app, topping up your account with crypto and more.

Live Dealer Games

Live casinos with real dealers have flipped the script on what we thought about online gaming joints, erasing the line between digital and real-deal games. Thanks to a legit gaming experience that mimics being in a brick-and-mortar casino, the live mode on virtual platforms has become all the rage.

Games with live dealers stand out from your typical online casino entertainment that rely on random number generators (RNG). Real folks, not avatars or software, take on the role of dealers. They’re using actual casino gear, not some virtual imitation. Players can get in the mix with dealers and fellow players in real-time through high-definition video streams, creating a lively and captivating atmosphere.

Arcade Slot Games

Today’s generation ain’t too keen on letting some soulless random number generator call all the shots for them. They aim to show individuality, spark competition and come out on top. That’s why game developers took the tried-and-true route – injecting some arcade vibes into slot machines.

You bet a bunch of folks will reminisce about the good ol’ days a couple of decades back when Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders, Sonic, Rambo, Pacman and other thrilling games ruled every mall and entertainment joint. Now, those same games are making a comeback in online casinos.

Online Casino Streaming

The second part of 2015 saw the emergence of casino streaming on the well-known Twitch platform. But it didn’t really develop into the significant industry it is now until about 2019. According to recent statistics, slot machines have overtaken poker as the most popular casino streaming game on the internet.

Although the precise creator of casino broadcasting on Twitch is challenging to determine, the moniker CasinoTwitcher frequently comes up in conversations about the subject. CasinoTwitcher became well-known in the streaming world as one of the forerunners in the popularization of casino streaming. Nevertheless, they have no intention of starting up again after ceasing to broadcast slot machines owing to their disappointment with the commercialization of the sector. The scene is thriving right now, with many streamers giving a worldwide audience access to their in-the-moment gambling experiences. But it’s vital to remember that not all streamers are trustworthy, so being cautious is essential.

Skill-based Slots

Skill-based slots are pitchin’ themselves as games for folks who trust their skills and luck, all while havin’ a blast. They’re droppin’ hints that luck will still be in the mix – you ain’t goin’ all in on your skills.

In these slots, players know upfront that they can seriously sway the outcome and the top dogs bag the most significant rewards.

Think of Skill Games like playing blackjack. Got a strategy and know how to work it? You’re rakin’ in more ’cause of your skills. Of course, these modern machines ain’t as straightforward as a card game. They gotta be wrapped up in fancier packaging for sure.

Final thoughts

Innovations are now a crucial component of the expansion of the gaming business in the world of online casinos. Online casinos are continually implementing new technology in an effort to provide players with a more thrilling and fulfilling experience.

One common tendency is to combine augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to submerge players in immersive visual and audio environments. One gets the impression of being at a genuine casino with engaging live dealer games and real-time video streaming.

Thanks to the ongoing development of gaming Android and iOS casinos, players may now access and enjoy their favorite titles from any location at any time. 

Casinos are always experimenting with new game formats and incorporating cutting-edge gameplay elements. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer new ways to transact as well as a level of security and transparency.

Social factors also have a presence in casinos, which work to encourage responsible gaming and provide self-control resources. As a result, developments in online casinos are reshaping the contemporary gaming scene and offering gamers an immersive, engrossing and technologically advanced experience.


Can I play at US mobile casinos for real money?

Yeah, almost every casino in the U.S. lets players place bets using their mobile phones. Playing on mobile comes in two flavors. The easy route is through your mobile browser – no need to download anything onto your smartphone. The second option is using the official mobile app, but not all casinos have one. You can often find the download link in the website footer.

Can every casino game be played on mobile?

Yes, virtually all modern developers release games that are fully adapted for mobile platforms. They can be launched directly through the browser or through mobile casino apps, if available. Only a small number of classic slots may be unavailable for play on a mobile phone.

How safe are crypto casinos for players in the USA?

Yes, cryptocurrency casinos are considered among the safest not only in the United States but also worldwide. All transactions here are conducted through blockchain. Another advantage is games with a provably fair algorithm. Every player can check how the result is generated in a round, ensure its ran verify that no external interference occurred in the process.

What are social casino games?

Social games are the new trends that allow players to engage in slots with elements of social interaction with other users. For example, this category includes ones with live dealers, where there is an opportunity to interact with the dealer responsible for dealing and other players connected to the table.

Are there already VR casino games I can play in online casino in the USA?

VR casinos have revolutionized the gambling industry by transporting players into a virtual world that blurs the line between reality and the digital realm. Wearing a virtual reality headset, get ready to embark on an adventure that goes beyond traditional games. Currently, there are several casinos and providers offering VR experiences.

How do skill-based slots work?

Games based on skills are games where the outcome depends on the player’s abilities rather than chance. This means that the more experienced you are in a particular game, the greater your chances of winning and consequently, your stakes in such a game can be very high.