Cookies Policy


  1. When you visit this website, you, as a user, acknowledge and consent to Stakers ability to collect and handle information about your computer, mobile device, operating system, IP address, email client, type of browser, timestamps, log files, access details, system alerts, and configuration. This data is gathered and securely stored only for the following purposes: system management, increasing website performance, ensuring we provide the best services, and ensuring the security and integrity of the system (to prevent unauthorized access).
  2. Cookies are implemented by Stakers to improve the website’s seamless functionality. Cookies are small amounts of data that are created and kept on your computer, mobile device, or other electronic equipment to recognize you and the things you do (hereafter referred to as “Cookies”). In general, cookies employ anonymous data necessary for better operation and do not save personal information like names or email addresses.
  3. In case you go to the Stakers platform, cookies will be implemented on your PC, mobile phone, or other devices for many reasons:
  • Providing access to required secure areas; some services, such as access to restricted login areas, are not possible without these Cookies.
  • Using visiting cookies to help with user identification while keeping track of your choices and preferences. Functionality may be hindered if these Cookies are not present.
  • Obtaining cookies to help with the identification of users while also knowing your exact choices and preferences. Functionality may be decreased if these Cookies are not present.
  • Employing User Interface Cookies to save your preferences for the website’s interface for subsequent visits.
  • Synchronizing your data with social media networks by using cookies.
  • Gathering anonymous information about how you use the website by using performance (analytical) cookies.
  • Utilizing advertising cookies to deliver relevant advertisements to you and improve the efficiency of our marketing initiatives. You also understand that Stakers may utilize these Advertising Cookies for its own advertising campaigns.
  • Enabling third parties, like Google, to use Cookies to show you advertisements based on your previous visits to this and other websites.
  • Allowing Google and its partners to use Advertising Cookies to show users advertisements based on their past browsing activity on our website and/or other websites. You can choose not to receive this customized advertising by going to Ads Settings.
  1. Stakers may collaborate with outside companies and allow them to store and use their analytical and unique advertising Cookies. These Cookies on your computer, smartphone, or other electronic device gather information from our Stakers Cookies to store and analyze data about your preferences, ultimately enhancing the caliber of the services offered. They must abide by the terms listed here when interacting with third parties. Additionally, Stakers ensures that only reliable and trustworthy third parties have permission to participate in this joint venture.
  2. When you access the Stakers website as a registered user, you acknowledge, understand, and voluntarily give Stakers your consent to collect, store, and use Cookies on your computer, mobile device, or other electronic equipment. This choice will be active until you decide to turn of cookies. Your consent enables Stakers to understand your preferences better and, as a result, raise the caliber of services offered on this website. You also acknowledge that a website that functions less well than ideal may result from lacking these Cookies.