Viking Runecraft is a challenging video slot machine game that will put players through their paces. While probably not for newbies to online gambling, it will give experienced players a test of their skills and a bunch of different ways to score huge wins. So brush up on Norse mythology and get ready to see if you can party with Thor and Odin.

You play on a seven-by-seven grid. There are no reels or rows, so it's technically misleading to call it a slot machine. It's its own game. When you start, the symbols will appear. Get at least three in a row and you will claim a win. Then the winning icons will disappear and the icons above will fall into them. With each drop of the tile, you're building up more wins.

When you score a win, this will charge your bonus meter. Spin it to get additional credits. In addition, as you rack up more wins, the bonus meter will charge even more. Charge it all the way and enter Ragnarok Mode – where your wins are 15 times their normal value.

Meanwhile, winning helps you gain experience points. These help you move up levels. As you advance through the levels, the god you are playing with throws wilds onto the table. The different levels are ruled over by Thor, Freya, Odin or Heimdall. Each one has their own pattern to how they throw wilds that you will learn how to master.

Bets range from a minimum of .10 credits per play up to 100 credits per play.

As we noted earlier, this can get very complicated very quickly. Luckily, you can play first in demo mode until you're fully comfortable with the game. Then load in money and see how many wins and levels you can get.

While not for the faint of heart, this game is a gift to the real players. Play Viking Runecraft today.

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