The Unique Sports Betting System Provided By Stakers

How Stakers Has Revolutionized The Online Betting Experience

Stakers Sports Betting Website

There is no shortage of sportsbooks in Europe and the United Kingdom. Thus, there needs to be something unique about the one that is going to attract your attention. A company called Stakers should fit the mold. It cuts through the noise by providing an exorbitant amount of online betting options — more than 30,000 live events per month — and an extensive range of both pre-match and live betting options and markets. Ultimately, you need to have the knowledge and expertise to win. You should choose an operator based on its options.

In addition to the online betting options, you want to use an operator that makes it easy to access and manage. A pleasing, easy interface is a requirement in 2018, and Stakers gives you just that through its radically simplified, lightning-fast HTML5 interface that was designed with attention to every detail to deliver an exclusive sports betting experience that allows you to bet on sports while remaining engaged in the game being played. Not only does the interface make it simple to bet and understand your wagers, it also provides a comprehensive coverage of the statistics involved in the match-play. While Stakers can’t make the bets for you, the site gives you all the tools you need to be at the top of your game.

The aforesaid infrastructure is built on top of the cloud, which allows Stakers to essentially support an infinite number of events, trading options and online players. Furthermore, Stakers is able to guarantee no-lag game play in coordination with its sports betting system, which means that there are no breaks and that you can get action in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on every bet of your liking.

Certified, secure and fair sports betting environment

Financial Security Standards & Responsible Gaming

Integrity and fairness are not only important, but required in today’s day-and-age. Stakers proclaims that it is committed to ensuring that no integrity or fairness is forfeited in its system, and it claims to be dedicated to complying with all regulatory requirements within the jurisdictions where it operates. Stakers says that it has official certifications from the Malta Gaming Authority, Accreda, iTechlabs, Blackfoot and a number of other authorities and regulatory bureaus, and is focused on responsible gaming and providing fair play with a reasonable chance of winning in a safe, secure online sports betting environment.

There is no denying the prevalence of gambling and how it consistently enhances one’s interest in any particular game, even when there is no affiliation whatsoever to the teams playing. Online betting on sports has become not only a cause for enjoying an otherwise meaningless game, but also a common topic of conversation among friends. However, Stakers is cognizant of the problems that can result from problem gambling and it stipulates that one of its most important goals is to offer a place for gaming and betting that is as safe as it is entertaining. As such, it has developed best industry practices to curb problem gambling as best as it possibly can, including mechanisms to curb underage gambling and doing whatever it may to provide a secure sports betting environment to its customers.

Sports betting should be a form of entertainment, and entertainment only. Stakers says it doesn’t expect nor want people to use its services as a form of guaranteed income and that all players should know that they are taking a risk with their money whenever they participate in any form of sports betting. It is vital that consumers understand that they are just as likely to lose as win in any given event.

As such, Stakers always seeks to reiterate that the urge to gamble should be set aside unless discretionary monies are being used to wager. Compulsive gambling is a serious issue and no one wants to see people spending money without a realization of the risks involved. As such, Stalkers says it has put in place assistance procedures that allow players to place limits and lock accounts entirely to regulate gambling activity on its site.

Stakers’ institutes payment processing for bettors in Europe

Stakers wants you to deposit and withdraw your funds with confidence

A concern with online sports betting operators is the ability to withdraw monies with speed and efficiency. Stakers wants its customers to feel confident that they will be able to collect their winnings with ease and that it should not be a concern when they place their wagers at the website. It says that it has effectively integrated all major credit card processors, instant banking, e-wallets and aggregators into a single wallet system for placing a bet, and that their customers can currently use payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Paysafecard and Sofort.


Virtual Sports Betting on Stakers

Stakers wants you to experience the fun and thrill of betting on virtual sports

In addition to traditional sports betting offerings, Stakers also has an extensive collection of virtual sports games that use CGI technology and a proprietary physics engine to provide detailed, fast-paced and high-definition sports betting action. The content covers over 17 sports such as motor racing, badminton, cycling, archery and table tennis. And as always, it is offered 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the sports betting industry’s top experts helped put together a cryptographically secure random number generator that uses RSA hash keys to support random outcomes during the gameplay.

Intricate math models are used so that Stakers is able to conform to high standards, as Stakers wishes to ensure that there is trust between it and its users who are using the innovative virtual sports to engage in a newer type of sports betting experience.

Stakers Mobile Betting

Stakers offers a sportsbook with a mobile-first mindset

A fully responsive and mobile-friendly sports betting website is provided

It’s no longer acceptable to simply have a workable online betting website. Based on that premise, Stakers set out to create a mobile sportsbook that has all of the features and statistical data you crave and deserve, as well as the most competitive pre-match and live betting odds, all available when you are on the go, which lets you stay on top of all the late-breaking sporting action in real-time, right from your mobile device.

Sports betting needs to be provided in a seamless web app, which is why Stakers dedicated the resources to making it happen. You don’t want to miss a goal when you’re on the move, and Stakers wants to make sure you are never worried about missing out on the action.

The platform is built on an HTML5 client that is optimized to operate with high latency and resumes play in moments in case of network collisions, connecting to hyper-speed secure channels operated by Stakers and broadcasting a complete state of the match with every action lined. Again, Stakers has a cloud-based system that allows for distribution of traffic loads without errors so that your sports betting action is uninterrupted.

Stakers originally launched its mobile app to supplement its desktop website, but now the company is truly going mobile-first and the customers tend to prefer logging on through their mobile devices to access everything that Stakers has to offer.

You should take advantage of unbounded sports betting promotions

Marketing and promotions campaigns make being a part of Stakers even more enjoyable.

Promotional campaigns can make involvement much more enticing. Stakers is cognizant of that fact and is willing to give a little bit away in order to build a trusted and passionate community. Think massive bonuses and incentives. That’s what Stakers wants to give its customers to show a level of appreciation and have them coming back for more personalized sports betting experiences that look and feel better than what any other competitor may claim to be able to offer.

Book a Bet

Book a Bet

Start taking advantage of your first Stakers bonus before you’ve laid out a penny. With Book a Bet, even before you’ve registered with Stakers, go ahead and choose a line to wager. Stakers will reserve that bet, at those odds, for 4 hours – and give you a 100% sports betting bonus up to €50 on your first booked bet. That means if you place a €50 stake on the big game, Stakers will match it, giving you a total of €100 on that line. And Book a Bet is in addition to Stakers’ Welcome Bonus, giving you plenty to play with for your first time at Stakers.

Stakers Welcome Sports Bonus
Welcome Bonus

The team at Stakers is wild about sports, and they want to make sports fans feel welcome from the moment they sign up. As soon as you join Stakers and make your first deposit, you will become immediately eligible for Stakers’ Welcome Bonus – where Stakers match 50% of your first deposit up to €100 EUR. Then, when you place your first bets, half of each wager will come out of the funds you deposited, and half will come out of your free funds. It’s Stakers’ way of basically thanking you for becoming a part of the community.

Tennis Betting Bonus
Tennis Betting Bonus

With the Stakers Tennis Bonus, you can earn up to 50% on your tennis wagers with Twofold+ Multiples. Combined bets on Pre-Match events are eligible, including both Single and Double Matches in ATP, WTA, Davis Cup, Grand Slam and Challenger Tour events. Your sports betting bonus amount depends on the amount of picks in the combined bet and your remaining active stake.

Soccer Betting Bonus
Football Betting Bonus

The Stakers Football Bonus lets you discover the hottest betting action on the world’s most popular sport. All you have to do is choose 3 to 14 combined bets on Threefold+ Multiples for European domestic football league matches, and Stakers will add a sports betting bonus amount to your bet slip. The result is bonus winnings for your active stake, leaving you ahead.

Boost Sports Betting Odds
Boost your odds

Enjoy your favorite sports and stay focused on the game with easy-to-use trading tools and boosters that are built right into your Stakers betting slip. If you find better odds on another website – or if you simply want to augment your bet – then Stakers has an incredible option that can put more money in your pocket on any pre-match market, on any sport, once a day. Simply go to your bet slip, choose to Boost Your Odds on a single pick of your choice on Single/Parlay/System/If-Bets, and Stakers will increase the sports betting odds for you.

Sports Betting Cashout
Betting Cashout

Being a sports fan is undoubtedly exciting. Whether you think you have an edge or not, you truly never know how a game may twist and turn, and the outcome is never fully predictable. As you know, when you are betting on sports, the suspense can quickly turn to misery if your team isn’t playing how you are used to seeing them perform, and it may give you buyer’s remorse -- wishing that you had cut your losses while you were either even or ahead.

Lucky for you, Stakers has a Cashout feature that puts you in control of your online betting action. This way, you are better able to minimize a loss on your favorite bets, whether it be before kick-off or even during a match.

If a game appears to be heading in the wrong direction and you want to end the pain early, then hit the Cashout button on your bet slip and, depending on at what point in the match you decide to stop the bleeding, you will receive a certain portion of your stake without any questions asked. Stakers even provides a mechanism whereby you are able to partially Cashout, leaving some money on your bet slip in case the game turns.

The Cashout option is good for all bets on active markets, including Football, Tennis, Basketball and many other sport events, fixtures and pre-match as well as in-play markets. Even short-duration sports betting events like horse racing are eligible for your Cashout.

Analytics for faster, smarter sports betting decisions

Stakers wants to give you better odds.

Stakers is offering its players a type of trader level, real-time analytics with a 360-degree view on the entire match flow before kick-off, during the game, and after the match. Stakers’ comprehensive dashboards feature key performance indicators for every game, tournament and league, with a drill-down to period-specific breakdowns, and its extensive gameplay reporting suite unlocks betting insights into every match, team and player movement.

Sports Betting Markets

Bet online with the widest array of sports betting markets

Discover the world of sports betting, from time-tested favorites like football, basketball and tennis to the intensity and suspense of Pesäpallo and Surfing odds. By offering a full array of events, Stakers brings your betting experience to the next level, even entertaining you with the occasional odds on local and global political elections and cultural events.

Comprising more than 90% of sports bets in Europe and Asia, football is the most popular sport in the world, and Stakers rises to the challenge of running lines for football fans just like you. You will find the sharpest, most competitive football betting odds in the market on Stakers’ website – from the English Premier League to Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga, Stakers has you covered. Stakers also seeks to make international events more enjoyable for customers, including Champions League and Europa League, providing, as always, pre-match and live sports betting odds.

Not only can you bet on the outcome of games at Stakers, but you can also bet on halves or even make prop bets like how many assists, shots on goal, passes and tackles a particular player will have in a given match. Design a 3-way outcome of your favorite match to push the limit, explore the complexities of Asian Handicap betting, or focus on an individual player's performance. Make any bet and keep track of your outcomes quickly and easily. No matter what your online betting strategy, Stakers offers you full support, real-time updates, and features to bring the excitement of sports wagering alive for you.


Develop your own sports betting strategy to follow with the greatest selection of bet types

Stakers offers you a huge selection of performance-related bets on nearly every sport in the world, from Premier League, Serie A, UEFA, Champions League, World Cup, NFL and NBA to a live in-play for 4th Division of Norway. Its promise is to keep the betting odds always on with Handicap, Match Goals, Full Result and Double Chance on all events until the kickoff time, and Stakers’ stays competitive with 250+ sports betting markets for the world’s biggest sporting action, including more exotic betting options such as Number of Bookings, Incident First, or Win to Nil, both pre-match and live-in-play.

Combine more than two events with a Parlay bet and discover your new odds – then, the latest bet bonus, increase your winnings greatly. While you test your strategies, your betting slip will keep track of both pre-match and live betting odds and let you know in advance exactly how much you could win on a given bet. And you can also check on changing odds, and change your wager with just a few clicks with a cashout feature.

Place your bet as far in advance of a game as you'd like, or while the match is happening. Designed from a truly academic approach, Stakers’ trading system takes advantage of in-house developed algorithms. You will get the most accurate and competitive online betting odds available in the industry. Stakers’ bets are settled instantly, and it claims to have security protocols and internal controls that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring safety of every single transaction.

Stakers Live Betting

The most comprehensive approach to live sports betting offering

Stakers’ live betting takes the sportsbook experience to a new level thanks to its scientific approach to data accuracy, with advanced pro-level mathematical models and market movements that are monitored by its experienced in-house traders. All of its live features are organized and highlighted to let you make quick, smart sports betting decisions.

With Stakers’ match timeline feature, you can follow along with live in-play goals, shots off target, throw-ins, cards and substitutions in real time. Enjoy unlimited access to comprehensive multi-match monitoring, live stats, and more when you track your favorite matches.

Stakers’ flexible, customizable widgets allow you to create your own events dashboard showing your event statistics, pre-match and live sports betting odds, results and highlights that are 100% accurate and updated in real time. Choose all or some of these widgets and follow your events for an exclusive experience that’s like no other.

Separately or combined, the scoreboard widget keeps you up to date on the time left in your game, as well as the score and the status.
Scoreboard Widget
Check the momentum of the game by watching every activity from goals to subs in chronological order, updated instantly, with drill-down info to get all the details.
Timeline Widget
Sports Betting Statistics
If you’re a stats fan, you’ll love the wealth of sports betting information available here, from ratios for win/lose/draw to performance averages, team trends, and player matchups.
Sports Betting Statistics
Online Betting Commentary
Follow along with the action the way you want, with extensive filters to customize your commentary to include play-by-play, stats, injury times, and goals, cards, substitutions and more.
Online Betting Commentary
Live league tables are available that let you discover goal averages, relegation, and which spots are qualifying, plus instant updates on every running match.
Live League Tables
Team Betting Lineups
Get the skinny on who’s playing, with up-to-date team lineups, tactical lineup information, and detailed player profiles, with drill-down stats that leave no stone unturned.
Team Betting Lineups
Pool Betting

The accurate results and statistics for the biggest array of sports betting events

Stakers brings you the scores, statistics, and player performance data of the world’s major sports, matches and tournaments as well as the local sporting events, available instantly as soon as the official results are announced. Furthermore, thanks to the Stakers intuitive interface, with just a glance you’ll be able to look up the stats on past, ongoing, and future matches and get real-time sports betting event information at hundreds of matches worldwide, around the clock.


The top place to find the most exclusive pool betting options

Stakers is proud to offer pool betting, the most popular form of sports betting action across the world. Its customers enjoy Stakers pools for Football and Tennis, and wagers include 1X2 and Correct Score. Even if you have little wagering experience, betting pools is a fun, exciting welcome to the world of sports betting thanks to a next-to-nothing entrance fee and life-changing winning amounts.

Pool betting is a skill-based experience that lets everyone feel like a winner, right away. Unlike the regular lottery, where numbers are random delivered with so little fanfare that many forget to check their tickets till days later, a pool bet lets fans have a shared sports betting experience that’s thrilling and immediate. Place your bet with the best intelligence and full control, dig deeper to discover the inside scoop on your bet, and claim your reward quickly and easily within minutes of the final buzzer.

Sports Betting Statistics
Entering the pool
As a player you’ll have a real-time view of past, current and future draws at a glance as well as multimate control – and a greater chance of winning – with multiple sports betting combinations available throughout the draw.
Fair play, fair statistics
With Stakers, you’ll have all the insights your need for your pool bet. Detailed, fast and accurate statistics are available for every draw, and every bet once the draw is calculated. And you can always dig deeper with detailed reports that give you the data you want to know.
Pool draws and prizes
Stay up on the latest news with instant scores published within minutes, and live scores while in-play. Within seconds of the end of the event, the draw is instantly settled and the pool is paid out to winners. Will you be among them?

Sports Betting Customer Support

“Stakers is all about the people.”

Customer service is a priority for Stakers, which is why they have invested in the best technical and customer support team in the industry. Our three-tiered support stands ready to help you with your sports betting needs and questions, 24/7.

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