Privacy Policy

Stakers aims to promote the safety and privacy of its users. Hence, the platform has strict privacy and security guidelines. As a matter of regulatory compliance, Stakers is obliged to secure all private information about its users with integrity and professional ethics. This is why we notify the visitors before collecting their data that the purpose of the collection is solely for record-keeping, safety, and accountability. This data helps us improve the quality of our service by tailoring the website to cater to the preferences of our visitors.

Who Are We?

Stakers is a group of entities. Although our main focus is on the Canadian market, the offerings on the website are international. Our team of experts reviews as many casinos as possible to provide gamblers with a frequently updated list of best casinos and bonuses in the industry. The platform is the ideal place for gamblers to find great iGaming sites.

We observe a strict code of conduct that ensures that our users are safe and protected on the website. Here, players are not only entertained, but also trained to make smart gaming moves and profit across different online casinos.

What Data Do We Collect? How Do We Use It?

Our data collection methods are transparent and efficient. We aim at the following.

Data Provided by the Visitor

Stakers collects data from site visitors with their approval. Before accessing our platform, we will seek your consent on the type of information we intend to collect. These particulars can be personal and non-personal.

Personal Data

These are pertinent details about our site visitors. The particulars we will require include:

Contact Details: At your discretion, you may provide us with your name and/or email address. This helps us affirm your identity as an individual and contact you if needed.

Collection of Voluntary Data: Based on our discretion, we may ask your permission to collect a pool of your thoughts and opinions. This will often be done via email to check the quality of our services and your feedback on how we could improve.

Technical Details: With your permission, we will collect details of your type of device, IP address, geolocation, web browser, etc. This information will help us customise the website and recommendations.

Third-party data collection: We can access your particulars through third-party data providers. However, we will verify some of these details from you so we can clearly define your preferences, make customised recommendations, and protect you from fraud.

Non-Personal Data

Non-personal data is more general information about our users. It includes generic and holistic knowledge like your browser, time stamps, click-streams, screen time, keyboard language, device OS, and other technical details.

Please note that personal details associated directly with this non-personal data will only be collected with your permission. Stakers is committed to maintaining the guidelines of our privacy policy, so visitors have nothing to worry about.

As with personal data, there are also classifications for non-personal data. These include:

  • Technical Features: The website gathers information about our visitors’ devices so we can adjust the website and offer services that suit the characteristics of one’s computer, mobile phone, and other gadgets.
  • Geographical Features: This is information related to one’s IP address. By agreeing to allow us access to your IP address, visitors give us access to their location. Thus, we’ll be able to recommend offers based on what’s trending in different geographies. By being on the website, visitors agree to allow the platform to collect the details of their exact location.
  • Advert Data: We often allow third-party platforms to advertise on our platform, so to ensure that the right adverts reach the appropriate target audience, we need our visitors’ particulars. By being on the platform, one agrees that their particulars are collected for the advertising purposes. The adverts visitors will see on the platform are tailored to one’s engagement history, downloaded apps, and most purchased products and services.
  • Analytical and Archive Features: By being on the page, one is giving us their consent to collect analytics of their online behaviour. This includes clicks, screen time on specific pages, referrals, and page views. Other analytical particulars include log files, time stamps, and alerts. 
  • Additional Non-Identifiable Features: Non-personal data is often anonymous; however, we may request these particulars for different purposes. By visiting the platform, you agree that the non-identifiable data may be disclosed to third parties for various uses, including but not limited to marketing and advertising.


Due to the nature of our content, we expect that only users of legal gambling age can access the platform. By visiting the platform, you indicate that you are not younger than 18 years old.

We strongly discourage any underage users on the platform. Such users are prohibited from using the website.

We encourage partnerships with our users to maintain the standard and security of our platform. Hence, if you are aware of any underaged individual using the platform, you can contact us via email so we can take prompt disciplinary action.

The Way We Use All Collected Data

Having stated how much data we collect from our users, it’s imperative to disclose how we utilise it. At Stakers, we uphold solid business ethics and transparency. The details we collect on our platform is analysed and used in the following way:

Performance marketing: With this form of marketing, advertisers pay our platform based on the performance of their ads. This is often determined by the number of clicks and conversion rates. Hence, we use our visitors’ particulars to track and measure the performance of these paid advertisements. This will also help us optimise the adverts.

Online promotional content: We allow third parties to promote their products, services, or brands on our site. So, you would often encounter sponsored posts, articles, and short videos. To assess one’s engagement, we need their particulars. 

Online consumer acquisition network: Advertisers can connect with affiliates to attract new customers via our platform. Our site provides a marketplace where advertisers can promote their products and services while we earn a commission for driving conversions or sales. Hence, it’s our responsibility to track and report the performance of campaigns from the particulars we collect from our visitors.

User attribution to our partners: As marketing partners to some third-party agencies, we have a commitment to identify our conversion rates. With the particulars we collect from the site’s visitors, we can ensure our conversion rates are justified.

Please note that the list includes only a few ways we use our clients’ particulars. We may choose to use our visitors’ data otherwise as the need arises.

By using the website, you consent to us doing the following:

  • Tracking your individual preferences;
  • Marketing our services and the services of third parties to you; 
  • Using your particulars for research purposes;
  • Improving our platform performance based on your preferences;
  • Monitoring your access to other services.

We also have high expectations for our clients. With their cooperation and support, we can develop a safe and thriving space for the gambling industry in Canada. By using our platform, you are obligated to do the following:

  • Refrain from Illegal Activities: This includes actions that violate laws, regulations, or the website’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Prompt Identification of Risks: You are responsible for identifying any risks associated with your activities on our site. This demands that you are vigilant about potential security threats and take appropriate measures to mitigate them. 
  • Disclose Important Information: Stakers obeys the statutory authority. Hence, whenever your particulars may be requested during a legal procedure, as a law-abiding corporation, we will share them with relevant authorities in the event of litigation. You must understand the implications of this and act accordingly.
  • Security and Privacy Rights: While we aim to provide a secure platform, our users also have a key role to play. If any users breach our security protocols, they will be punished appropriately.
  • Cybersecurity: We expect our site visitors to be aware and comply with the basics of cybersecurity.

As the owners of the website, we reserve the rights and responsibilities to:

  • Investigate any breach or violation of our Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. This includes the right to enforce our privacy and cookies policy and terms of use to maintain the integrity and security of the site.
  • Address any disagreements related to the direct use of the site. We must ensure that any disputes or conflicts are addressed fairly and timely to promote a positive user experience.


Marketing is a part of our services at Stakers. Hence, we need visitors’ particulars to follow our marketing strategies. These details will be used to create specific promotions that the visitor may find useful. Please note that your particulars may be shared with:

(a) different entities within our company and/or 

(b) our marketing affiliates.

Stakers may share your personal information with our Marketing Affiliates for various purposes, which we deem appropriate. These can be communicated via SMS, phone calls, and emails. While you can opt out of this service, we may still notify you about website service updates.

Stakers holds the right to combine the information collected from users with data from other sources, like public databases, third-party entities, and search engines. This is necessary to gauge our performance and improve the quality of our offerings and services.

Data Collected Automatically from Your Device

The data collected from your device is used for several purposes. Our top priority is to provide you with tailored services. Another reason we collect data from your device is to fulfil regulatory requirements such as anti-money laundering regulations. This demonstrates our commitment to compliance and responsible operations.

For Stakers, your particulars are instrumental in our day-to-day operations. It helps our team manage our services more efficiently by leveraging our user behaviour and preferences analysis. With these records of consumer behaviour, we strive to improve the user experience and quality of our offerings.

Who Might We Share Your Data with?

Your personal information may be shared with different parties within Stakers and other companies that work with us. This is done to provide you with tailored services that will make your experience on Stakers worthwhile. We may share your data with: 

  • Telecommunication companies that help us connect with customers via mobile messaging.
  • Third-party companies who help us verify your identity and comply with legal requirements.
  • Our partners and other companies who work with us to make your experience on the site enjoyable.

Please rest assured that we protect your personal information and only share your details with our trusted partners, who uphold high privacy standards.

Transfer of Data

As a company with international affiliations, there may be instances when we need to send your details to other countries where the enforcement of privacy policies may be weaker than in Canada. We transfer these details via legally binding contracts to protect our clients’ privacy.

For How Long is Your Data Kept?

We keep your personal information only as long as we need to follow the law, handle taxes, and meet our business needs. Your details can be stored on paper, in electronic form, or both during this time. We will remove or delete your details from our systems once we no longer need them. If you want to know precisely how long we keep your personal information, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care representatives via email.

Your Rights

Under data protection legislation, you have certain rights regarding your private information. These rights grant you control over your personal information and its use, which include:

  • The right to information: You have the right to know what personal data we collect and how we use and protect it. 
  • The right to access: You have the right to ask for and access your personal information on our platform.
  • The right to alteration: If we collect and save incorrect or incomplete information about you, you have the right to ask us to verify and correct the misinformation.
  • The right to data portability: You are the sole proprietor of your private details, and within this right, you can request us to transfer your personal information to another organisation. We are bound by this rule to transfer such details as long as it is technically possible.
  • The right to removal: You can ask us to delete your private information. The only exclusion to the right is the event of a legal reason for us to keep it.
  • The right to restrict processing: You also have the right to ask us to stop using or limit the use of your personal information. However, as with the right of removal, we are obligated to withhold your details for legal reasons.

If you want to exercise these rights, please get in touch with our customer support representative via email. They will be happy to help.

The right to object to the data processing under specific legal grounds.

By being on our platform and using our services, you agree that our company may use your personal information in the following ways:

  • Process your private information because we have a legitimate reason to do so or because we must provide you with tailored service.
  • Use your private information for direct marketing purposes, which means we may send you information about our products or services that we think you might be interested in. This may also involve creating a profile based on your features to model your preferences and tailor our marketing messages to you.

We need to have a legal basis for processing your personal information, and we want to make sure that you’re aware of and comfortable with how we use it. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions about this, and we’ll be happy to address them. You can contact our customer support representative via email.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the highlighted features above, please email us. We are dedicated to responding promptly and will try to address your inquiry within 30 days.

Security of Your Information

We take strong measures to ensure the security of this website and your information. We use advanced technological tools and protocols to prevent unauthorised access, protect data integrity, and ensure that the information we collect online is used legitimately. Our security measures are specifically designed to match the type of details we collect from our users. Some industry-standard practices and tools we adopt to protect our clients’ particulars include:

  • Robust network architecture with an advanced firewall system.
  • Encryption to ensure secure transfer of data.
  • Access and identity verification protocols to limit unauthorised access.
  • Regular internal and external security audits and assessments.

While we put much effort into securing all our client’s particulars, please note that we cannot guarantee complete immunity from unauthorised access or malicious activities related to this website. We do not provide any explicit or implicit assurance that we can prevent such unauthorised access. Hence, we can not take responsibility for any breach on the platform.

Ways to Reach Us

  • Official Name: Stakers
  • Official Website:
  • Office Address: Arch. Makarios III Avenue 171 Limassol 3090, Cyprus
  • Email address:

Modifications to Privacy Policy

We may update and modify our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will inform you of any such changes by posting notifications on the website and, if necessary, contacting you directly through email or other communication channels. We will also allow you to consent to these changes before implementing them on your page. The changes will take effect once posted, and you approve its update.