Cookies Policy


As per our regulatory obligation to users, we expect you to read and agree with the cookies policy. The terms and conditions of the policy are stated below.

1. By accessing, you are permitting us to treat you as our reader and access the details of your devices and surfing gadgets. These include details of your computer, mobile phones, OS, IP address, log files, time stamps, email addresses, browsers, traffic, system alerts, and configurations. However, these details will be protected by our system encryption codes and will only be used to provide more personalised service. It will also help us protect your account against third-party breaches.

2. Stakers uses cookies to maintain its site utility. This helps the platform to identify and store information regarding readers’ gadgets and gaming history. Personal details like names and email addresses will remain invisible to the website. The goal of cookies is to improve the functionality and utility of the platform. We can also make custom recommendations, which will further increase the utility of the platform.

3. The cookies saved on your device while visiting Stakers have the following functions:

  • Customise the website to one’s preferences and search interests.
  • Improve the accessibility and loading speed of the website.
  • Retain our visitors’ interface settings and preferences.
  • Gather information related to one’s online data performance.
  • Customise adverts to suit one’s search preferences.

By agreeing to these terms, you grant Stakers access to collect and share the above-mentioned information with advertising agencies and Google campaigns.

4. Stakers may partner with other entities and agencies to collect and store the above-mentioned data. We are committed to reliable partnerships, so the data will only be shared with registered and licensed third parties. Before we reach an agreement with any online casino, we expect them to comply with our information collection policy.

5. In accordance with regulatory requirements, we enable visitors to activate or deactivate the cookies agreement. As per the outline of the regulatory requirements, if you agree to the policy, we have your permission to access and use your personal data and install our cookies on your devices. Also, you are giving us full access to share the information with our third-party partners. Until you deactivate this feature, we have your permission to use our information collection tools on your devices. Declining the cookies policy will affect the quality and functionality of the website and the services we offer.

For potential clients or users who may have questions about the policy, our email is active 24/7, so you can contact us at any time.