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Virtual gaming desires of millions of players all across the world are invented, developed, and then launched for millions of subscribers in Europe and Canada right from the iGaming Gigafactory. If we were asked what is the most popular type of casino games that are developed by the factory today then the answer definitely would have been online slot machine. The slot gaming industry is growing in popularity at an unstoppable rate and it doesn't seem to slow down in the near future.

Many people believe that online slots represent real casino gaming. However, recent innovations such as Theoretical RTP have changed this point of view. The days of the slot machine needing to be 'fed' with money before it began to pay out are long gone. Modern online slots for real money are much more interesting to play because of the many mathematical models that have replaced the physical cash side of things which helps to add a lot fun to the story of online slots.

We have a full list of 17k online slots Get attention about new slots in our catalog

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While some old-school players still remember the old one-armed bandits of times that have elapsed, the modern online slot machine has evolved to offer many features that are only possible with virtual gaming. Visiting any online casino lobby in Stakersland you will find a lot of special areas that look like huge libraries of slots titles that have been created throughout the history of casino gaming. The 5x3 online slot grid layout is still the most popular today and it is a good compromise between the older and modern multi-ways pay designs. There are many other online slot designs that you can find in the park.

The iGaming Gigafactory is something where all of your favorite multipliers, wild, scatter, and free spin features are developed. They are then fine-tuned and fitted into newly built online slots. The betting limit is also an important part of the design process as a protective regulatory measure. It allows you to play more casino games and spend more time in the casino. Stakersland offers many ways to increase your casino entertainment and one of such ways is to play the games that fit your budget. If you don't like to play for a big money then you can spin the reels for as little as $0.10, while high rollers can play for up to $100 per spin. In addition, there are many other online slot games that have micro limits such as $0.01 per turn. On the extreme end, some real money online slots even give you the chance to play upwards of $200 per spin.

Stakers also consider the theme of a slot machine when choosing their next online slots experience. One thing you may not realize is that you're basically playing the same virtual slot game every time. The difference between these games is that each of them has unique graphics and algorithms. The game designers follow current cultural trends and create themes to suit the preferences of casino players at Stakersland. The most popular themes are Egyptian, Irish, Sci-Fi, and Asian as well as seasonal games. They are especially popular when the major holidays and events of the year come around, like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Online Slots Illustration from Age of the GodsThe iGaming Gigafactory is at the forefront in casino technology, which means you'll often find new and exciting ways to play and take pleasure from online slots experience. Cluster Pays is a new feature that eliminates the traditional way of awarding prizes through paylines. Instead, you have to spin a cluster of symbols to win. Then the winning symbols will be removed and new symbols will fall in their place. This gives you multiple chances to win on each spin.

Online slots not only look fascinating and funny but they are also very entertaining to play. The reason for this is due to their special features designed by talented marketing teams. Online Slots Illustration from Age of the GodsBehind every slot game lies a complex set of mathematical equations that determines how much it pays out. This is called the RTP and if you understand it you will be able to find and determine the ‘Hot and Cold’ online slots. We'll explain everything in a moment, but first, let us explain the fundamentals of slot machine gaming to be sure we are all on the same page.

How Can I Play Online Slots for Real Money?

In case you are a newbie to the online gaming world of Stakers then playing online slots without any help is not the easiest thing to do. That's why you need to find the information and paytable buttons to help and guide you with all the prizes and other features of the game. And this is the fundamental process of spinning the reels:

  • 1

    Enter the lobby, pick the slot game you wish to play, choose how many credits you want to use in the game. Sometimes, your entire bankroll will be transferred to the game. If you play real money online slots, all of this money will be taken from your online wallet.

  • 2

    If the option is available, choose your 'bet per spin' amount and the number of paylines. For those who want to reap the winnings with the biggest possible payouts, the Max Bet button is available. You can play longer if you bet small. Bet big, and you might soon be able to sail into the bay of Monte Carlo on your very own boat with your winnings.

  • 3

    Monte Carlo is waiting for you and your pass there depends on your luck and ability to match winning symbols across the online slot reels. Click the "Spin" button to see if the symbols land in your favor. You will soon discover if you have struck a winning combination. As you strive to win the maximum prize, bonus rounds and feature symbols will boost your winnings.

  • 4

    While the payouts and prizes will follow the paytables in the Rules section, technically you should be hoping that the Actual Return to Player (RTP) of online slots is low when you start playing online slots. Then you can expect to hit a few lucky spins and take some of the highest prizes as Actual RTP would be expected to grow.

Hot & Cold Online Slots in Canadian Online Casinos

StakersHQ has been working hard scanning all casino lobbies at Stakersland in order to offer you the most popular online slots with the highest RTPs available in the park. To provide you with instant recommendations, we take into account multiple staker groups and assess where the games are located in each casino lobby. You don't have to scroll endlessly looking for the online slots games that have the highest payouts. Take a look at the Hot and Cold online slots lists below which were made by our team of experts.

Hot casino slots
RTP, %players
Hi-Lo LiveHi-Lo Live96.45954K
Book of DeadBook of Dead94.25452K
Savage JungleSavage Jungle96.54389K
Roman PowerRoman Power96.18357K
Age of the Gods God of StormsAge of the Gods God of Storms96.14344K
Quantum RouletteQuantum Roulette-293K
Wolf GoldWolf Gold96.01290K
Highway KingsHighway Kings97.06277K
Free Bet BlackjackFree Bet Blackjack95.90260K

What is Hot Online Slot?

Hot online slots are those games where the current statistical return percentage (SRP) is greater than the RTP as stated in the game rules. It is more than wise to play games that payout more often, isn't it? You can keep track of which online slots are included in the Hot online slots list each day and avoid losing money by playing the ones that pay more often.

What is Cold Online Slot?

Cold online slots are those games where the RTP is lower than what is displayed in the in-game rules. It is useful to monitor the Actual RTP, as when it starts to come closer to the Theoretical or even if it begins to fall below the Theoretical RTP, you may need to try another game until this RTP level steps back to the desired level.

Everything You Need to Know About RTP Rates in Online Slots

An interesting thing to know is that the licensed levels of RTP given by the casinos actually differ from the Actual RTP levels. Continue reading to learn more about the reasons behind this difference and why so-called virtual online slots are not the same as online casino slots.

Theoretical RTP

The Theoretical RTP is based upon the expected profit margin the game will make after approximately 100,000 spins, and it is not related to the actual outcomes of the Licensed RTP rates and Actual RTP rates.

Online Slots Illustration from Totem Lightning

Licensed RTP

The Licensed RTP represents what would be if you make millions of random spins on the slot machine. So it’s the main RTP that shows the payout percentage of all bets on online slots. But you should note that this is not a guarantee of what you will win each time you are playing.

Online Slots Illustration from Turning Totems

Actual RTP

The Actual RTP indicates the current payout for a particular period. Technically speaking, this RTP can either be higher or lower than the Licensed RTP. It all is depending on how much stakers have wagered and won on the specific real money online slots in a recent period of time, usually in a month. This allows you to see the actual game payout right now and not the constant expected rate of the slot game, as it's shown by the Licensed RTP.

Online Slots Illustration from Totem Island
Top High RTP Online Slots
SoftwareRTP, %
All Aces PokerAll Aces PokerMicrogaming99.92
Classic Blackjack GoldClassic Blackjack GoldMicrogaming99.90
Split Way RoyalSplit Way RoyalBetsoft games99.79
Blackjack BonusBlackjack Bonus1x2 Gaming99.80
Red Queen BlackjackRed Queen Blackjack1x2 Gaming99.80
Magical DiceMagical DiceRelax99.88
Classic BlackjackClassic BlackjackSwitch Studios99.91
Moody FruitsMoody FruitsRelax99.91
Blackjack SwitchBlackjack SwitchRed Rake99.92
Triple Bonus PokerTriple Bonus PokerRed Rake99.95
High Volatility Online Slots
Jackpot 6000Jackpot 6000NetentHIGH
BlackJack MHBlackJack MHPlay'n GoHIGH
Single Deck BlackJack MHSingle Deck BlackJack MHPlay'n GoHIGH
European BlackJack MHEuropean BlackJack MHPlay'n GoHIGH
Reel Million SlotReel Million SlotGAMING1HIGH
Trump It Blackjack Single DeckTrump It Blackjack Single DeckFugasoHIGH
Neon Blackjack Single DeckNeon Blackjack Single DeckFugasoHIGH
Trump It Blackjack ClassicTrump It Blackjack ClassicFugasoHIGH
Neon Blackjack ClassicNeon Blackjack ClassicFugasoHIGH
Magical DiceMagical DiceRelaxHIGH

How to Calculate the Return to Player (RTP) in Online Slots

Although it may sound complicated, the RTP value concept can be easily understood after some clarification on this topic. It can also help you find better online slots to play. Let's get to work and start some calculations to better understand the RTP value mechanism.

To calculate the Actual RTP of every slot game, you have to divide the winnings and wagering amounts. Let’s take for example an online slot that has been designed with an RTP of 91.86%. It accrued $1,200,000 worth of wagering and then pays out $1,085,000 as wins. This is how the RTP can easily be determined:

Online Slots Illustration from Lucky Leprechaun Scratch

This indicates that the online slot has reached an Actual RTP rate of 90.42%, and It is lower than the Licensed RTP which was 91.86%. But that's not all that should be mentioned, because volatility is also an important thing you need to take note of. This indicates whether the acceptable tolerance is below or above the Licensed RTP level. So you need to understand from the beginning that the more the game is played, the less will be its overall tolerance.

Thus, the Licensed RTP and the Actual RTP can be expected to become equal or very close over a considerable amount of time. The table can best explain this increase in RTP accuracy as time passes. Let’s assume the online slot's volatility will be of 5.6, so it can be expected, that the upper and lower tolerance levels will be following:

number of games playedRange +/- in % from the mean *

*For the mean deviation, it was calculated as a 95% interval of confidence. So all that is showing that almost all slots and even a non-faulty online slot still have a chance to go out the +/- range once per every 20 tests. While we could have chosen to increase the interval of confidence, which would reduce the risk of false alarms in some cases, we don't want these tolerance levels to be too wide. A confidence level higher than 99% could mean that a non-faulty online slot may go out of the +/- range once per every 100 tests. The reason for this is that just a single measurement error does not show the defectiveness of the RNG mechanism or the game in full. A malfunction can only be detected if you have multiple or consecutive errors at a specific frequency.

Consider a scenario where, like in the example above, 500,000 spins were completed to accumulate the winnings and wagering amounts. In this case, the allowable tolerance would be 1.55 lower or higher than the Licensed RTP (91.68%). This implies that the slot game can be considered to be performing as intended or expected, even if it returns RTP rates in the range of 90.13% to 93.23%.

Theoretical Win in Online Slots

Here are some curious facts about how casinos use customer information.

The Theoretical Win, or Theo, is a value that allows marketing teams of casinos to describe and classify a player. In brief, Online Slots Illustration from Treasure MineTheo is the expected amount of your possible winning from the house. So, it’s simply the sum of your wagering and the games you played. The only thing that the casino teams need to calculate a Theo value is the wagered amount and as well as the house edge for the particular slot game. These details can be found on the rules page of each online slot.

We’ll take the online slot example from above with its 91.68% RTP with the house edge at 0.0814. So if there are played a million of spins with a value of $1 per spin, then the house edge will be 0.0814 x 1,000,000, which would mean that the casino could expect to make $81,000. It’s clear that winnings are changing. Some might win more and others less. But the casinos can still use the total amount of stakes and the house edge in order to calculate the Theoretical Win.

The casino calculates the Theo value for all stakers just to be able to evaluate their personal worth. By the way, the total winning or loss amounts do not matter here. Such calculating is really important for marketing teams of a casino to plan promotions and reinvestment strategies on a staker. So tracking a staker’s Theo could give some valuable information that can help anticipate future player’s behaviour and wagering. Finally, it all boils down to how much the casino concludes to reinvest in the staker.

Online Slots Illustration from Treasure Mine

Here are some ways how the Theo value could be used at one of the online casinos from Stakersland. Let us suppose that a staker playing the slot game for 8 hours would currently play 200 spins an hour with a stake of $5 per spin. It's easy to calculate that the staker would wager 8 x $5 + 200 = $8,000. So if we ignore the matter of fact that the staker would have won as well as what actually occurred while playing the online slot, the Theo could be calculated as 0.0814x $8,000 = $651.20. After that, if the casino makes a decision to reinvest at 25% of Theo value, it will have 25% of $651.20 or equivalently $162.80 available to reinvest in this staker. The staker may be given in this scenario a package of free spins with a maximum withdrawal limit of $150. Even if the staker did win $150 from the initial session on the online slot, the casino knows exactly they have won more than $150 through such free spins.

Online Slots Illustration from Dwarf Mine

Knowing how to calculate the Theo can be a difficult task, and it’s a kind of ‘art’. This is because some stakers have the ability to make strategic decisions when playing games like video poker and blackjack. But not every player will choose the best strategy, and not everyone will play according to the optimal house edge. It's much easier for games like online slots, as it all comes down to the RNG system. The issue is that in a number of cases Theo value could lead the casino to underinvest or overinvest in a staker which can then have a negative impact on the staker's perception of the casino. Stakers who have been overinvested in the past would be at risk of losing if the casino lowers the promotional value. Or, if the casino has underinvested, the stakers might feel that the casino is not fair and does not care about its members.

Various Terms & Explanations Used By Online Casinos in Canada

The Link Between RTP & Winning Frequency

The RTP only does not tell you how much you could win in a particular slot game as well as won’t be able to help you by predicting the winning game’s outcome. Let’s take as example two online slots that have a 96% RTP. One of the slots may pay out one per every five spins while the other - once per nine on average. All of this is due to the game's volatility, which we will discuss in greater detail later. Online slot fans think that games with seldom payouts offer higher prizes, and games that pay out more frequently offer smaller rewards. This shows that even though two slots have the same general RTP, their payout frequencies can differ. So that’s why you cannot predict which game will bring you winnings and how often it will happen.

What Do You Mean by RTP?

Return to Player, or RTP for short, is commonly used for the percentage value that is given to casino games such as online slots. This shows the amount of money that will be paid out over the lifetime of the slot game. High RTP values of the slot game mean higher winning chances for a long period. But online slots can offer differing RTPs, and it will depend on the casino, so this is to keep in mind if you play at multiple casinos. One casino may offer a better chance of winning than another.

Top 10 High RTP Online Slots

SoftwareRTP, %
All Aces PokerAll Aces PokerMicrogaming99.92
Classic Blackjack GoldClassic Blackjack GoldMicrogaming99.90
Triple Bonus PokerTriple Bonus PokerRed Rake99.95
Blackjack SwitchBlackjack SwitchRed Rake99.92
Moody FruitsMoody FruitsRelax99.91
Classic BlackjackClassic BlackjackSwitch Studios99.91
Magical DiceMagical DiceRelax99.88
Red Queen BlackjackRed Queen Blackjack1x2 Gaming99.80
Blackjack BonusBlackjack Bonus1x2 Gaming99.80
Split Way RoyalSplit Way RoyalBetsoft games99.79

How RTP Works?

It should be mentioned that RTP is a mathematical calculation that is based on statistics. It is not necessary that the game with an RTP of 98% will pay out $98 for every $100 spent on it. RTP should be viewed as an average based on all stakers playing the online slot for real money over a long period of play. It doesn’t take into consideration all the large random winnings and unlucky losings as well.

How Can The RTP Be Calculated By Players?

The RTP formula is quite simple if you have all the information required. If you want to determine how much you could earn from your wagering over a certain time period, this formula will work in such a way: Total Net Winning Amount / Total Amount Wagered = Your RTP.


Random Number Generator, or RNG, is a mechanism that is used every time the reels of a slot game spin, so it’s essential to the legitimacy of all online slots. The RNG guarantees that each spin of the reels will be generated randomly, that’s why you can’t predict your future spins based upon what happened in previous spins. Every spin is unique and differs from the others. Consequently, if everything is random, then it's impossible to predict the frequency of payouts on online slots by using the RTP value.

The RTP & House Edge Connection

RTP and House Edge are always in opposition to each other. While the RTP shows the winning potential of each player, the House Edge represents the percentage of the overall advantage the casino has. The House Edge is actually the way the casino earns money for a long time period. Although big wins or lucky streaks are not taken into account, the house edge will always balance out them over time. This illustration can demonstrate how to calculate each percentage: if online slot has a 90% RTP, it means that the House Edge is 10%. It's pretty easy.

Slots With High RTP

A key part of any strategy for slot players is knowing the RTP of each slot game. You can decide to play or not to play a certain game by understanding the percentage of the payout it pays back to the players. Here you’ll find a list with the top High RTP online slots currently offered at Stakersland.

Online Slots Illustration from Viva Mexico

Determining RTP Accuracy

In an appliance with strict licensing regulations, all casino games must be tested regularly. This must be done for a constant review of the fairness of online slots and to make sure that online games are not being altered. This is why the Actual RTP concept was created, and it allows stakers to determine the exactness of the licensed RTP. For a better understanding, you may call it a current live RTP, and — as we have mentioned — it can vary over a range of the official RTP value of the whole game’s lifetime period.

The Actual RTP can be described as below:

Actual RTP
Total Amount Won
Total Amount By Casino

So that’s why if you calculate the Actual RTP, you’ll be able to see the significant difference between this and the Licensed and the Theoretical RTPs indicated on the help page of any online slot.

So let’s try to use as an illustration an imagined online slot called ‘Staker Reels’ with an officially designed licensed RTP of 95%. But if we decide to test how well does ‘Staker Reels’ perform over the time period of a month, we detect that $180,000 was won by players while $200,000 was accumulated by the casino. So the formula below can help you to calculate the Actual RTP:

Actual RTP for Stakers Reels:


The Licensed RTP and the Actual RTP for the ‘Stakers Reels’ slots game differ by 5%. It is clear that the casino is making 5% more from the game at the moment, and it would be therefore not worth the risk to play this slot game. Our special Hot and Cold online slots feature was created exclusively to display which slots in the park do perform below or above the Licensed RTP level.

Why Do Large Progressive Jackpot Slots Come With Low RTPs?

RTP values for progressive jackpot slots always range from 80 to 90%. But why so low? This is due to the huge amounts of money that are paid out to lucky players who trigger the jackpot prize.Online Slots Illustration from Lucky Little Devil Such extra profit from the low RTP is used by the slot developers to pay out the jackpots. They also use it to put aside the money to pay out the prize if someone wins. These RTPs are extremely low due to the fact that jackpots frequently run into the thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars. Although the prizes could be very large, some stakers often do not like to play the progressive jackpot slot machines because they have less frequent payouts. However, the progressive online slots are the best way if you are looking for large prizes and are willing to take on greater risks.

RTP And The Influence Of Volatility

The volatility or variance of online slots is related to both the RTP and the payout frequency as well as to the house edge. It can be described as high/medium/low or be represented as a numbered format between 1-10. Online slots with low volatility will pay out smaller prizes but more often. Online slots with high volatility are more likely to pay out less often, but the rewards will be larger. Medium volatility online slots offer both a balanced payout system and a stable winning frequency. This is why most stakers love to play medium volatility slots.

Our Final Thoughts On RTP of Real Money Online Slots

Although the RTP rate can be a significant factor in deciding which online slot to play next, it should not be the only one. RTP rates don't guarantee success, so keep in mind other things such as volatility, the Actual RTP, and the difference between Hot and Cold slots. You know that each slot game has an RNG mechanism, meaning that each spin is random. However, there are ways to monitor these online slots games and tips to remember when you play them.

Online Slots Illustration from Lucky Little Devil

Best Online Slots in Canada

Stakersland hosts thousands of online slot games. Our experts at StakersHQ are skilled in designing, playing, and evaluating these exciting games. In a nutshell, we know real money online slots like the backs of our hands. We have seen them all, from the old traditional one-armed bandits to the modern, multi-reel, and multi-featured slot games that are available today in their thousands of copies.

We've seen all the evolutions of the popular slot game, from the simple machines of the 2000s to the 3D and ultra-realistic online slots created recently by the iGaming Gigafactory. These games have been played by us on every device, from big and chunky computers to small mobile phones that can be carried around with you everywhere you go. Once more, we have been in the industry of online slot games, so that's why you can trust us to give our opinion on this topic in Stakersland.

The main thing our team of professional slot gamers loves in this particular slot game is the variety of features this game has offered over the years. Our HQ team has tried and tested all the new features and that is the basis of our knowledge about what works well and what doesn't. Moreover, this is how our team understands what makes the best online slots better than all the others.

Expanding wilds, free spins, stacked symbols, 243 ways to win, Megaways, cluster pays, and many more. Our team has played each and every online slot feature including bonus rounds and we have reviewed them all. This means that we know almost everything about online slots, including how to play them for your hard-earned money and how best to make money from them.

One of the most enjoyable things we do at StakersHQ is keeping our top online slot games list up to date. Although it is often difficult to get everyone to agree on the overall rankings of online slots, after many spins and hours of discussion we are able to reach a consensus that becomes the final point on the question of what online slots should be included into the list of top online slots in Stakersland. This particular list also receives a lot of feedback and many stakers continue finding new slots that quickly become their favorite. That's why you should make sure you take a look at our definitive list.

Online Slots Illustration from Jingle Spin

Top 10 Tips to Play Better on the Online Slots

  • 1

    Choose online slots which suit your playing budget

  • 2

    Track your spending and stick to your weekly and/or daily limits

  • 3
    Bank your winnings from time and not play your entire bankroll at once
  • 4

    To get an idea of the game's rules and gameplay, play a new online slot in Free Play mode first

  • 5

    It is better to walk away after a winning streak and save your money for another day

  • 6

    Stop playing if you are on a losing streak. Just take a break

  • 7

    Never chase your losses with a higher stakes bet that you can’t afford to lose

  • 8

    Don't gamble if you are drunk or if your judgment is impaired

  • 9

    Don't spend too much time on progressive jackpot online slot games. The odds are not worth it

  • 10

    Take advantage of bonus offers and multiply your bankroll with bonus money and free spins

New Online Slots in Canada

Online slot developers keep releasing new online slot titles all year. This not just means more games to review and play, but also that there will be a steady stream of new gaming experiences available for all players. With all the new online slots we see each year,Online Slots Illustration from Coins of Egypt it is fair to say that the iGaming Gigafactory must be open 24 hours a day to meet the huge demands of Stakersland slot gaming community.

The increasing number of online slots is followed by the growing number of new software providers. Stakersland and its followers will always benefit from some friendly competition among developers who aim to create the best online slot game. All the latest and greatest titlesOnline Slots Illustration from Coins of Egypt in the park are supplied by the major players in the industry such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Red Tiger Gaming, Betsoft, and many more.

It is safe to say that the collection of online slots across Stakersland will keep even the most pretentious casino players entertained for many months, if not years. However, we all know that choosing the right online slot game can be difficult. Sometimes you scroll endlessly in the casino lobby searching for the right game for today’s evening and this can feel a lot like browsing through Netflix looking for something to see. Save your time and let our slot experts highlight the best slot titles for you. Our current list will help you to find the best new slots available right now!

Online Slots Strategy

Playing online slot games for real money is all about chance. As we discovered, the RNG ensures that each spin of a reel is entirely random and has no connection to other spins. But don't think that your each online slots strategy is useless. There are many things you can do to increase your chances of winning some cash when playing online slots. While some of these may seem simple, we often forget the basics and get caught up in the excitement of casino entertainment. You might win a little more next time you play online slots if you keep cool and follow our online slots strategy tips.

Quick Strategy Tips

Stick to smaller jackpots

You have a better chance of winning the smaller jackpots rather than the multi-million progressive jackpots. You will also have a better chance to win if you play the jackpot online slots with higher RTPs.

Don’t forget the classics

Many classic online slots have higher payout rates and better chances of winning. Sometimes, the more traditional and less flashy games are more profitable than the modern ones.

Trust your casino

You should always play at officially licensed casino sites that are reliable and reputable. Although we only recommend the most trustworthy websites, this tip is crucial for your safety.

Bonus rounds matter

Attractive bonus rounds can make all of the difference because they lead to the biggest prizes available in the online slots. Learn more about the paylines in order to unlock bonus rounds.

Online Slots FAQ

How Do Online Slot Games Work?

Online slot games use the RNG mechanism to ensure that every spin of the reels is random. But, technically, it's not the only thing to consider. In addition to the random generator, there are the Licensed RTP, Actual RTP, and the Theoretical RTP rates that all impact the random number generator mechanism. You may need to take time to understand this concept. We recommend you revisit this page should you need to reconsider the fact that online slots are not real casino games.

Playing online slots is easy and fun. All you have to do is choose a stake size and hit the spin button to start the reels. Your goal is to match various symbols into winning combinations. You can also choose how many paylines you want to play, which will increase both your bet size and your chances of winning. Finally, online slots may offer bonus features that provide a chance to win the biggest prizes in the game. Visit the game's paytable to find out how to activate these bonus features and what winning combinations are possible there.

Is There a Difference Between Land Based Slots and Online Slots?

The jurisdiction and the specific licensing requirements will determine the functionality of both land-based slots and online slots. The land-based slot must be fed with coins before it can pay out any prizes. However, due to the Theoretical RTP, online slots can payout winnings immediately after your first spin. Another difference is the fact that land-based slot machines have both software and hardware that are linked to one game while online slots are individual software packages and can be accessed from different devices such as computers and mobile phones. It is also to be mentioned that playing slots sitting in a real casino hall can be quite different than playing online slots from home. But the real difference between these two types of slots lies in the different RTP rates set up in these games.

Are All Online Slots Completely Random To Play?

Today, online slot games are licensed by third-party software providers. This means that after obtaining the license, the provider is free to provide their games with the Theoretical RTPs for virtual casinos. This certifies that the game's fairness and randomness have been tested. However, this is not important for you as the player, and as such online slots are not considered to be completely random.

Do You Know Which Of The Online Slots Have The Best Odds?

In general, all non-progressive jackpot slots with the lowest payout rates will be the ones with the best odds. It's a well-known fact that the games with big jackpots have a higher house edge. Additionally, slots that allow placing higher bets per spin tend to have better winning odds. But note that this type of online slots is only available to those who can afford to play high-value spins.

Is It Possible To Win Real Money By Playing Online Slots?

It is surely possible to win real cash by playing online slots, but remember that this is a game of chance, which is governed by the Theoretical RTP. Always stick to your budget and keep in mind that the randomness of the game is not entirely relevant here. While playing online slots with your real money, you will need to look for Cold Slots with low RTPs, then try to increase that RTP with your own spins. Keep in mind that the Theoretical RTP level of a slot game is affected by your play and the play of other stakers.

Do My Deposit Amounts Effect My Winning Potential?

Your deposit amounts do not directly relate to your winning potential in online slots. But, you can increase your chances to win by using your deposited funds and any winnings on cold slot machines that are more likely to award prizes. Due to the logic behind the Theoretical RTP setup, you shouldn't try to win on the same slot again and again.

The amount you deposit can also affect how much you can bet per spin and this has a direct effect on the payouts. Higher payouts can be achieved by playing the maximum spin amount or by using higher coin denominations. Some jackpots are only activated when you bet the maximum amount and this is a detail that is worth noting.

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