Terms and Conditions 

This document outlines the terms guiding your use of the Stakers site.

Terminology Explanation

The site under discussion is www.stakers.com/au. The terms “Company”, “Stakers”, “We”, and “Us” within this document all refer to Stakers.

Our website primarily aims to act as a valuable resource for visitors. It assists in collecting and checking various betting bonuses and incentives, including but not limited to bonus spins’, online gambling promos, offers, and slot bonuses.

General Disclaimer

  1. This site does not offer customer support or assume responsibility for the gambling incentives mentioned. 
  2. We do not assert the total accuracy or comprehensiveness of the details shared on our site, and we make no formal representations regarding this. 
  3. Furthermore, all logos, trademarks, and distinct proprietary materials, including brand icons, drawings, and pictures owned by third parties, retain their copyright under the rightful owners.

In addition to the above, you also agree not to:

  1. Use this site or any of its provided data and information for any commercial or entrepreneurial activities.
  2. Access, copy, or duplicate any material from this site using robots, data scraping tools, crawlers, or other automated methods, nor manually, without our explicit written permission.
  3. Violate any restrictions in the robot exclusion headers of this site or bypass other security measures designed to restrict access to specific areas of this site.
  4. Impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our website’s infrastructure.
  5. Use techniques like “mirroring” or “framing” to copy or transfer any part of this site into another platform or application without first receiving written consent from us.
  6. Attempt to modify, translate, reverse-engineer, adjust, disassemble, or otherwise change or decipher the software or coding foundation used by us in connection with the site.

Privacy Policy 

At Stakers, protecting your privacy is one of our paramount objectives. We invite you to review our updated Privacy Assurance document at https://www.stakers.com/au/privacy-policy/. This document also further clarifies the terms of your interaction with our platform and provides a thorough insight into our privacy practices.


For optimal functionality and efficiency, Stakers utilises cookies on your browser. You can learn more about how we use cookies by visiting our Cookie Policy at https://www.stakers.com/au/cookies-policy.


You agree to deem Stakers not responsible for and indemnify it from any claims, expenses, harms, liabilities, penalties, and losses that might arise due to your utilisation of any part of the information in a manner not sanctioned or allowed by us.

Acknowledgment of Verification and Risk

It falls upon you to confirm the correctness of the information presented before you proceed to accept or interact with any third-party services highlighted on our platform. Furthermore, you agree and accept all risks that could stem from your interacting with our site and accepting and using any third-party utility.

No Warranty Provision

Stakers does not provide warranty assurances regarding the quality, thoroughness, accuracy, or reliability of the platform, any third-party offerings, or the information provided on it. We cannot assure the absolute security of our platform and its contents, including their freedom from viruses, uninterrupted operation, errorlessness, or resistance to unauthorised breaches or cyber-attacks.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Your decision to engage with our platform implies your acceptance that you do so at your own risk. We hold no liability for any potential harm to your computer systems or loss of data that might occur from downloading any material, content, or software from our site. All content is provided “as is,” and we expressly disclaim all warranties now and in the future, irrespective of whether it is express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. We make no promises that the platform will meet your expectations in terms of content quality and other aspects, nor do we make any assurances that it will be secure, error-free, uninterrupted, or timely. We do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through the platform, nor does it ensure that platform defects will be rectified. Be aware that specific legal protections or jurisdictions might not permit the exclusion of certain warranties. Therefore, it’s possible that some of the aforementioned exclusions might not be applicable in your case

Restriction of Responsibility

Stakers does not, under any circumstance, agree to be held accountable for any indirect, incidental, or resultant losses or damages that arise from your use or the inability to use our platform. This covers, but is not limited to, potential losses such as profit loss, data loss, or interruption of business activities. Even in cases where we have foreknowledge of such potential damages, our liability to you or any third parties in relation to the site remains limited. You also agree that we bear no responsibility for any issues relating to data from the platform or from third-party sites or apps featured on the platform. You are in full agreement that our total liability for any problems of compensation that arise as a result of the way you have used our website and the content it contains is limited to the amount of money you paid to access the services in question. Exclusions of liability are not accepted in every jurisdiction, and as such, there are several cases where this particular section on limitation may not be applicable.


General Indemnity

If you go ahead and use our website and its contents, it means you agree that we cannot be held liable for any losses, damages or expenses that may arise in the course of your taking action based on information we provide or those you get from third parties hosted on our website. This particular provision also extends to cover issues of costs and liabilities. The indemnification extends to situations including, but not limited to, (a) claims of infringement stemming from the content or information you have supplied to us or posted on the website, (b) any breach or non-compliance by you with the terms outlined in this document, and (c) all claims directed at us due to the various manners in which you have utilised our website and the data or resources it offers.

Furthermore, you agree and acknowledge that we and its licensors hold no liability for interruptions or instances of non-performance attributed to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Be aware that said events include but are not restricted to incidents of labour strikes, manpower deficits, events of natural disasters, government policies and actions, and riotings. This section also covers performance-affecting issues that could be linked to our website or third-party sites and service providers that are featured on it.

Miscellaneous Provisions

By utilising our services, you agree that these Terms are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Australia, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. In case any part of these Terms is deemed to be unenforceable by a competent court for whatsoever reason, the judgment has no bearing on the remaining provisions, and as such, they continue to be valid and enforceable.

These Terms are a binding representation of the agreement between you and us relating to the way you’ll use our website and all the data and resources contained in it. Note that the terms supersede any prior agreements or understandings, irrespective of whether they are in written or oral form. Any deviation from these Terms is only valid if it is in writing and signed by an authorised representative of Stakers.

Questions & Concerns

Your feedback, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome. That said, you must be aware that several restrictions come into play when you share your ideas or opinions with us. When you contact us with your ideas, you’re agreeing that (a) the shared ideas become ours without any compulsion, expectation or obligation to reward you for them; (b) the ideas are free from proprietary information of third-party individuals; (c) we reserve the right to share or use these ideas as we deem fit; (d) we are not under any compulsion to keep your shared ideas private nor are we mandated to review it, and (e) we reserve the right to decide whether to act on or respond to the ideas you’ve shared with us.

For any questions or concerns regarding these Terms, do reach out to us for further clarification.