Stakers Cookies Policy


  1. When you use our website as a valued visitor, you’re agreeing that Stakers collects specific data from your computer, mobile device, or other electronic gadgets. This includes but isn’t limited to, log files, the type of operating system you utilise, your email client, browser specifications, IP address, and various usage details such as timestamps, platform visit histories, user interactions, access records, system notifications, and settings. We gather and store this information securely, and it is exclusively used to enhance system management, boost webplatform performance, deliver our services more effectively, and fortify our system’s security (especially against unlawful access and cyber threats).
  1. Our website relies on using various browser cookie types to ensure that operations remain smooth and error-free. These small data pieces are created by websites and stored on your mobile device. They help to identify you and your browsing patterns but typically don’t contain personal details like your name or email. Instead, they utilise anonymous data crucial for better platform functionality.
  2. The cookie types we utilise when you visit and interact with the Stakers platform using your mobile devices are multifaceted, serving several purposes. These include:

Providing access to secured sections upon request. Without these vital features, we can’t offer certain services like secure login areas.

Visiting cookies helps to store your personal identification details, as well as your preferred settings, ensuring you are always able to enjoy a seamless experience. Their absence may limit functionality.

Load Balancing Session cookie types help in managing server workload and ensuring that the balance is maintained at all times, thus boosting load rates. The platform might not perform as efficiently without them.

Remembering your interface settings and reproducing them upon further visit to the platform is only possible by accessing the user interface cookie types

Integrating web cookies to align your experience across social media platforms.

Collecting anonymous usage data through Performance or Analytical Cookies to understand how you engage with our site.

Utilising Advertising Cookies to deliver relevant ads and improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. By using our site, you also acknowledge that we may utilise these Advertising browser cookies for our promotional activities.

Granting permissions to Google and other third-party advertisers to track your browsing activities across different sites, analyse data obtained from it, and then use the processed results to craft personalised ads tailored to your unique preferences. This feature is totally optional, and you can always turn it off in your settings.

  1. We may work with external parties, allowing them to utilise their unique advertising and analytical web cookie options on your device. They leverage information from our Stakers site to analyse your preferences and enhance service quality. Rest assured that the third-party entities we deal with are also bound to adhere to the terms set out in this policy. We ensure engagement with only credible and trustworthy external parties in this regard.
  1. As a registered user, you recognise, understand, and explicitly consent to our collection, storage, and use of web cookie on your devices for accessing our platform. We will consider your continued use of our website as ongoing consent unless you disable them in your settings. By giving us your consent, you enable us to customise our services according to your individual likes and needs. This customisation is key in elevating and refining the calibre of what we can offer you. However, it’s important to understand that if you decide to turn off this optional feature, you’re acknowledging and accepting that this action may result in a decrease in the peak performance and efficiency of our website.