Terms and Conditions

Herein are the terms and conditions governing the utilisation of the Stakers website.

Terminology Explanation

The website in operation is www.Stakers.co.uk. Whenever the terms “Company”, “Stakers”, “We”, and/or “Us” are used, they refer to Stakers.

The primary purpose of the website is to serve as a resource for visitors by aiding them in gathering and evaluating betting incentives, which include but are not limited to ‘free spins,’ gambling promotions, offers, and casino bonuses.

General Disclaimer

  1. The website does not extend customer assistance or back up or undertake any liability concerning the gambling incentives featured herein.
  2. There is no assurance for the thoroughness or preciseness of the information present on the website, nor is there any assurance or representation submitted in this regard.
  3. All logos, trademarks, brand symbols, illustrations, pictures, and every other element of content belonging to third parties remain the exclusive property of their respective copyright owners.

Additionally, you also accept not to:

  1. Utilise this website or any of its contents for commercial endeavours or any business-oriented pursuits.
  2. Gain access to, monitor or duplicate any substance or information from this website employing robotic mechanisms, data scraping tools, web crawlers, or any other automated tools, neither shall you replicate content via manual methods for any reason without securing explicit written consent from us.
  3. Breach any limitations set in the robot exclusion parameters on this website or sidestep or circumvent other security protocols implemented to restrain or limit access to this website.
  4. Engage in activities that, at our discretion, place an undue or disproportionately large burden on the infrastructure of our website.
  5. Employ tactics such as “mirroring”, “framing”, or any other means to incorporate any segment of this website into an alternative online platform without our prior official written authorization.
  6. Venture to edit, render translations, decompile, adapt, disassemble, alter, or endeavour to unravel the coding structure of any software applications employed through Stakers in association alongside the website.
  7. Privacy Policy

    Stakers is committed to safeguarding your privacy. We encourage you to take a moment to peruse our most recent Privacy Assurance document at https://www.stakers.com/uk/privacy-policy/. This document also dictates the terms of your engagement with our website and will give you a comprehensive understanding of our methodologies and protocols.


    Stakers deploys cookies to bolster the efficiency and performance of the website. Our Cookie Usage outline is accessible at https://www.stakers.com/uk/cookies-policy/.


    You agree to indemnify us from and against any and all assertions, charges, damages, liabilities, expenses, and losses, as well as any detriment arising from any usage or segment of the information for any objectives other than those sanctioned and permissible.

    Authentication & Risk Assumption

    You must authenticate the legitimacy of the information prior to acceptance or engagement with any of the third-party services featured on the website. Moreover, you acknowledge and accept all risks associated with your interaction with the website and information and the acceptance and utilisation of any third-party service.

    No Warranty

    Stakers does not provide assurances regarding the calibre, depth, preciseness, or general dependability of the website, any third-party services, or the information. We do not guarantee that the website and the information will be devoid of viruses, unbroken, devoid of errors, or immune to unauthorised external exploitation or intrusion by hackers.

    Disclaimer of Warranties

    You explicitly agree that your engagement with the website or its content is solely at your own risk and that you alone will be responsible for any harm to your computing device or for any data loss that may ensue from downloading software, files, graphics, videos, services, or any other content linked to the website. All content within the website is presented on an “as is” situation. Stakers.co.uk categorically disclaims all warranties of any nature, be it statutory, express, implied, or otherwise, inclusive of, but not limited to, implied warranties of saleability, suitability for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. Stakers.co.uk does not assure anyone our website or any of the onsite content are able to realise your unique expectations or either the site will be safe, without errors, uninterrupted, or punctual; neither does Stakers.co.uk offer any assurances regarding the results that may be achieved via the use of all services found within our site, or concerning the trustworthiness, precision, or dependability of any information acquired via the website, or that any defects found within the website will be corrected. Some legal jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties; thus, some of the exclusions outlined above might not apply to you.

    Limitations on Liability

    Under no circumstances will Stakers.co.uk be accountable to you or any third-party entity for any accidental, indirect, collateral, consequential, or exceptional damages arising from the utilisation or the incapability to use the website, encompassing but not limited to damages for loss of profits, data, or business opportunities, even if Stakers.co.uk has been apprised of the likelihood of such damages. Furthermore, Stakers.co.uk shall bear no liability to you or third parties linked to the site for any third-party data or information that is uploaded or downloaded via the site. You acknowledge that the aggregate liability of Stakers.co.uk to you for any and all claims arising from the utilisation of the website or its content is confined to the amounts, if any, that you have remitted to Stakers.co.uk for access to and use of the website or its content. The restrictions on damages enumerated in these terms are fundamental elements of the agreement between Stakers.co.uk and you. Additionally, certain jurisdictions do not permit the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages; therefore, some of the limitations mentioned above may not be applicable to you.

    General Indemnity

    You hereby commit, at your own cost, to safeguard, defend, and keep Stakers.co.uk unscathed from and against any loss, damages, expense, liability, or cost arising from or relating to (a) third-party actions, claims, or charges of infringement based on information or content that you have provided in association with the website, (b) any misuse, deceit, or other violation of these terms by you, or (c) third-party actions, claims, or charges directed against Stakers.co.uk arising from your engagement with the website.

    Without limiting the foregoing, under no conditions shall Stakers.co.uk or its licensors be deemed liable for any disruption or non-performance that is a direct or indirect consequence of natural occurrences, forces, or causes beyond any practical control, inclusive of, but not restricted to, internet failure, computer software/hardware failure, telecommunication equipment failure, any other equipment breakdown, power outage, strikes, labour disputes, fires, storms, floods, detonations, civil unrest, and riots, lack of workforce or materials, edicts of domestic or foreign courts or tribunals, insurrections and uprisings, governmental actions, civil turbulence, acts of God, warfare and hostilities, loss of or variations in heating, lighting, or air conditioning, or any non-performance of linked third parties.

    Miscellaneous Provisions

    By using this service, you agree that these Terms will be governed by and taken in accordance with the laws of Cyprus, without regard to any conflicts of laws principles or your actual state or country of residence. In the event that a court of competent jurisdiction deems any provision or section of the Terms unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions and sections of the Terms remain binding and valid in their entirety.

    These Terms embody the full understanding between the parties in relation to the subject matter contained herein and take precedence over, and replace all prior or simultaneous understandings or agreements, be they oral or in writing, regarding such subject matter. Any waiver of any provision of the ‘Terms of Use’ shall only hold validity if it is documented in formal writing and bears the signature of Stakers.co.uk.

    Questions & Concerns

    Your comments, suggestions, and ideas (collectively, “ideas”) are always appreciated. The following limitations should be kept in mind while you develop your ideas. If you forward us any ideas, you consent that:(a) your idea(s) then become our asset, and you will not be entitled to any compensation in return; (b) none of the idea(s) contain confidential or proprietary content of any third party; (c) we may disseminate or employ idea(s) for any purpose or manner we deem suitable; (d) there is no obligation on our part to examine your idea(s); and ultimately, (e) we have no obligation to retain any idea(s) confidentially.

    If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding any of these ‘Terms of Use’, please reach out to us.

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