Stakers Cookies Policy


By accessing this site, you, as a user, agree that BonusBoostEnt Ltd will gather and handle data regarding your computer, mobile device, or other electronic equipment, encompassing log files, your operating system type, email client, browser type, IP address, traffic details, timestamps, information related to your site visits, user activities, access details, system alerts, and configurations. This collected information is securely archived exclusively for the following objectives: system management, optimising website performance, delivering our services efficiently, and ensuring the security and bolstering of system integrity (to counter unauthorised intrusions and fend off hacking attempts).

Stakers employs cookies to facilitate the proper functioning of the website. Cookies are tiny fragments of data that websites generate and save on your computer, mobile device, or electronic equipment to recognise you and your activities (hereafter referred to as ‘Cookies’). Cookies typically do not store personal data such as names or email addresses and mainly utilise anonymous information vital for improved functionality.

Cookies saved on your computer, mobile device, or electronic equipment when you access and utilise the Stakers website serve several functions, including but not restricted to:

  • Allocating access to secure sections that you have inquired about; without these Cookies, certain services like accessing secured login areas cannot be facilitated.
  • Remembering your preferences and choices and assisting in user identification through Visiting Cookies. Functionality could be hindered in the absence of such Cookies.
  • Improving website loading speed by optimising timing and distributing workload through Load Balancing Session Cookies. The website may not perform efficiently without these Cookies.
  • Retaining your website interface preferences for subsequent visits via User Interface Cookies.
  • Enabling Cookies to synchronise your data with social media platforms.
  • Gathering anonymous data related to your website usage via Performance (Analytical) Cookies.
  • Providing you with pertinent advertisements and improving the efficacy of our advertising initiatives via Advertising Cookies. Additionally, you acknowledge that BonusBoostEnt Ltd may employ these Advertising Cookies for its own advertising campaigns.
  • Enabling third-party vendors, including Google, to use Cookies to display advertisements based on your prior visits to this website and others.
  • Allowing Google and its partners to show advertisements to users based on their visit history to our website and/or other websites on the internet via Advertising Cookies. You can choose to opt out of this personalised advertising by navigating to Ads Settings.

BonusBoostEnt Ltd may collaborate with third-party entities and permit them to store and use their distinct advertising and analytical Cookies. These Cookies on your computer, mobile device, or electronic equipment gather information from our Stakers Cookies to store and analyse data concerning your preferences to enhance the quality of services rendered. In instances involving third parties, they are obliged to comply with the terms outlined herein. Stakers also ensures that only reputable and trustworthy third parties are authorised to participate in this manner.

As a registered user of Stakers, you acknowledge, comprehend, and provide your explicit consent for Stakers to collect, store, and employ Cookies on your computer, mobile device, or electronic equipment through which you access the Stakers website. Stakers will presume continued agreement to this consent until you deactivate Cookies via settings. By providing your consent, you enable BonusBoostEnt Ltd to gain insights into your preferences and subsequently refine and advance the quality of services offered on this website. You also concur that the absence of these Cookies may result in suboptimal functionality of the website.

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