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Uncover over 30 new online casinos ⚑ Methodically compared and reviewed by our Stakers Club experts 🌟 Discover exclusive bonus codes and free spin deals at the UK’s latest sites, all assessed for strict security protocols. Gain access to the future of UK casino gaming with expert insight and rankings based on the top new gaming destinations.

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Access first-class new casino sites, each carefully compared by industry specialists. Uncover profitable offers and new gaming opportunities guided by the knowledge of Stakers.

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New Online Casinos in the UK – 100% Approval & Verification

All the latest sites in the UK are compiled in a single listing, and to keep our rankings relevant, we continuously update our casinos whenever new brands receive the official approval into the Winners Casino Residency Club. To ensure our members can find the most appropriate new online casinos, we highlight the key characteristics and important aspects that a site requires to enter our Club. Check the latest approved and reputable new casino sites recommendations available to our UK members below.

All casinos listed are in chronological order, with the most recently approved casino appearing first. Anyone looking for reliable casinos that have just hit the UK market can find what they need via the Winners Casino Residency Club. Fully licensed, packed with modern features, and centred around fair gaming, these new casinos deliver the iGaming service expected from UKGC-licensed operators.

Best in Category Casino
πŸ’Έ Biggest Deposit Bonus Jazzy Spins
🎰 Best New Slot And Table Games 21LuckyBet Casino
πŸ’¬ Best Client Support Jaak Casino
πŸ’· Smallest Minimal Deposit Amount Winlandia Casino
😱 Largest UK Community Great Britain Casino
πŸ“± Best Mobile Version Casushi
🎁 Best Gifts And Sign-up bonuses Play UK
β™  Best Selection Of Card Games PriveWin
πŸ’Ή Best Loyalty Programme Bacana Play
πŸ’₯ Most Popular With UK Players Hey Spin

Top New Online Casinos

The gaming industry is one where trust plays a huge role, that’s why it is extremely difficult for newer online casinos to establish themselves as credible platforms. With that said, a lot of great new gaming websites are being launched every day, and we want our users to be able to experience the freshest developments in the iGaming industry. Our experts carefully evaluate each and every new online casino to ensure their safety and reliability, and we are proud to present the ten best ones.

New Casinos Bonuses – Get More For Your Money

Claiming rewarding welcome bonuses is one of the major reasons behind looking for a new casino site in the UK. There is strong competition between the newer sites as they make a determined effort to create eye-catching casino experiences, and so as more new casinos appear, the bonus selection becomes more varied. All the new online casino bonuses here are eligible for new members only, but there is no rule against opening accounts at multiple casinos if they are not within the same network. Meaning everyone can be considered β€œnew” at most new sites and, therefore, able to claim our approved welcome offers.

The Winners Casino Residency Club is the first to know about the latest new-player deals promoted by new UK gaming sites. New casinos do everything they can to entice prospective members, often going above and beyond the traditional welcome offers to grab the attention of players. The bigger bonuses and feature-packed deals mean there is more money available compared to the typical welcome packages offered by established casinos. Before they get listed here, every deal goes through the same in-depth testing to ensure fairness and overall value. If the conditions to be classified a “new player” are met, be sure to check out and explore the best new bonuses to maximize casino bankrolls.

Advantages of New Online Casino Sites

New Bonuses & Promotions

Development & Innovation

Better Mobile Casino

New Games & Features

New casinos can provide many advantages, from claiming bigger welcome packages to gaining access to brand-new game collections. Some people want to experience the latest technology and enjoy a seamless casino performance that comes from utilising the latest hardware and software. Still, one of the most talked about benefits of new online casinos is based around the opportunities that welcome bonuses provide. Claiming bonus money and spins from the new-player deals we list here at the Winners Casino Residency Club gives all members an advantage across the first days at the site, and it is then up to the casino to provide a rewarding bonus program to keep members loyal.

After member loyalty is proven, casinos begin to offer bonuses based on how much each member is worth. Over time, casinos develop a more complete profile, and future bonuses begin to reflect this and the overall member value. Essentially, this is how VIP programmes and loyalty schemes are designed to function. High-stakes members begin to receive exclusive promotions, while standard members receive general promotions and bonuses. However, the point we want to make, and the big advantage of joining new gaming sites, is that all players can play as a highroller for that one moment when claiming the welcome bonus, exploiting high-value packages and all the extras that come with it.

Better Mobile Performance – Play Wherever & Whenever

Discover the latest approved mobile-friendly casinos that provide a seamless instant-play experience. It didn’t take long for the mobile aspect of casino gaming to assert itself and demand a prominent position in the UK gaming environment. All software studios ensure that their most recent games are optimised for tablets and smartphones. The current view is that if a new online casino is not mobile-ready, it will not fare well in the eyes of the iGaming community. The Stakers Club team has reached an agreement that any new casino seeking our stamp of approval must view mobile gaming as a top priority, as this is now a must-have requirement among our members.

Understanding the evolution of mobile gaming helps explain why mobile gambling platforms became so successful. The emergence of HTML5 technology kicked the mobile gaming revolution into high gear by making mobile casino games available to players without the need for a downloadable app. The only requirement is a mobile browser on the tablet or smartphone to access all the essential casino features, including games, banking, promotions, and customer support. The desktop experience is then transformed into a seamless small-screen experience that promotes casino gaming on the go.

There may be a slight difference in the total game count between desktop and mobile. This is because a small number of older games are exclusive to desktop play only. However, since most games are now optimised, and all new releases are considered mobile-ready, this percentage of non-mobile titles will continue to decrease. Mobile gaming is an extremely powerful feature that any successful casino must now provide. The devices that we now carry in our pockets can deliver the freedom and mobile gaming experiences we desire, and every new online casino needs to guarantee they are mobile-ready.

How Do You Identify Trustworthy New Casino Sites?

Explore the essential details required to locate reputable new online casinos in the United Kingdom. Each year, new sites are added to the UK online gaming scene, so there is always an important choice to be made when deciding between sites. It is often difficult to determine which new casinos are trustworthy if they have only been open for a brief time. Our Winners Casino Residency Club takes the confusion and doubt away from the search. Our expert guide below provides six steps for discovering new and secure online gaming venues.

1. The Significance of Security Systems

A new online casino that is safe and secure must have the right security features, such as a random number generator and the most recent SSL certificate with 128-bit encryption.

2. Legitimate Gambling License

All new casino sites in the UK must follow the law when they start up. Check the bottom of the operator's page for a valid UKGC licence to make sure the site is legitimate.

3. Does the Casino Design Fit

Some new online casinos try to impress by creating elaborate and over-the-top website designs. Before signing up, it is best to see if these designs and layouts fit personal tastes and expectations.

4. Learn About the Game Library

Some new gaming sites might not give the chance to play games from the bigger game providers. Explore the casino library and ensure that the site provides the right type of games.

5. Check the Bonus Promotions

New casinos often promote big deals to attract new and experienced players. Free spins, reloads, and cashback deals are often listed. Check to see if all the required bonuses are included in the offer.

6. Access to Payment Methods

Study the deposit and withdrawal options. Make sure to check the fees and limits of any prefered payment methods and look to see if the banking process fits the budget and expectations.

Progress & Innovation: Looking To The Future

Cryptocurrencies are something we monitor very carefully. Crypto gambling sites are still relatively new to the global market, and as it stands, there are no licensed crypto casinos available to UK players. However, there is room for debate when the topic is as large and controversial as crypto gambling. We continue to experience the evolution of the online casino environment every year, watching technology advance and monitoring how the industry embraces new regulations. Keeping members updated on everything that might influence or affect the gaming experience and monitoring the outlook on digital currencies in the UK iGaming scene is one area we watch closely.

The rising number of brand-new online crypto gaming platforms across the globe, with Bitcoin as the dominant currency, has undoubtedly contributed to the increased discussions surrounding this topic. Those players with access to crypto casinos appreciate the convenience of being able to make swift deposits and withdrawals, and the higher level of security is a key factor in the digital age we live in. When the first cryptocurrency casinos launched, they brought something fresh and exciting to the table. Although the future stability of crypto platforms cannot be determined just yet, the current trends strongly suggest that this at least needs to be acknowledged as a potential growth area. Whatever happens, the new crypto casinos will have to overcome the last missing piece of the puzzle, which is the full support from major gambling regulatory bodies like the UKGC.

Blockchain Casinos

The next phase in the evolution of cryptocurrency casinos was the introduction of blockchain gaming sites. Many players already take advantage of these new online blockchain casinos, often pointing to the improved levels of protection, transparency, and trust. The emergence of blockchain casinos, which aims to replace traditional fiat-currency gambling, can be explained by some of the pros of employing this technology. The key highlights when talking about these blockchain sites are that they can provide instant financial transactions, immersive gaming experiences, and increased anonymity. We all know how rapidly technology develops and how new ideas can take root, particularly when they can provide so many benefits to the community, and although crypto banking and blockchain gambling platforms are in their infancy, we can already see the potential for them to become huge. But all this can only become a reality if the UKGC laws and regulations change and start to recognise cryptocurrencies.

New Casino Games & Features: Pushing The Frontiers Of Game Experiences

All new online casino sites looking to join the Winners Casino Residency Club need to deliver unique experiences. Not only will this get the casino name in our Club, but it also helps them find a permanent space in the competitive iGaming industry. Promoting new titles and supplying the latest game technology within their casino lobby helps to attract the attention of new members. Thousands of games can look exciting on first impression, but a steady stream of new releases is equally important. New and exciting games with brand-new game mechanics, bonus features, lifelike visuals, and intriguing themes continue to be a standout feature at these modern gaming sites. Understanding the different attitudes surrounding game collections helps to further establish the significance of new casinos. It comes down to the fact that many older casinos tend to become complacent and settle for a reliable collection of classics and popular titles, ignoring players who want to play new games.

Compared to new online casinos that are eager to launch with the latest game releases, the mindset is a lot more progressive than traditional casinos. The intention of any new gaming site is the hope of leaving a long-lasting impression on any new visitor to the site. Stocking their casino lobby with not only new releases but as many games as possible is a key characteristic that we look for. Bringing in titles from smaller studios and creating a collection that is not typically found at larger casinos is also one way to start a new iGaming success story. The combination of lesser-known studios and major providers contributes to a diverse collection of games that attracts those players seeking new releases and fresh entertainment.

Our Winners Casino Residency Club takes all this into consideration, meaning there will never be any new sites with small-scale, uninteresting game collections. Only new sites worthy of inclusion are accepted here. From action-packed game collections to the integration of advanced game technologies, Stakers Club provides direct access to the best new casinos emerging in the UK.

Discover The Latest Trends in the World of UK Online Casinos

The UK online casino landscape is continuously evolving, and the experts here at Stakers Club continue to witness the rise in new technologies and player preferences sculpting the industry in innovative and exciting ways. One notable trend is the surge in mobile gaming, with casinos across the UK rapidly optimising their websites and apps to provide a smooth gaming experience on the go, meeting the UK’s demand for convenient and flexible play. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred gaming platforms for many UK players, marking a shift away from traditional desktop gaming. Live dealer games are also gaining popularity, with their immersive experiences that replicate much of what players find at physical casinos, combining the best of both worlds. Real-time interactions with professional dealers and other players add an extra layer of excitement to the traditional online gaming experience. Cryptocurrency, social gaming, smartwatch devices, and the emergence of virtual and augmented reality technologies are all interesting areas that our Stakers Club specialists will also be looking into with greater detail. We have summed up all these recent tendencies in our comprehensive guide to the latest trends in order to keep our members informed and well-positioned in the UK’s online casino market.

Immersive and Fun Gaming with the Newest VR Casino Games

Virtual reality and casino gaming have delivered a new era of immersive gambling with the latest VR games. These cutting-edge experiences transport players beyond the limits of traditional online platforms into lifelike new worlds where the iGaming adventure feels profoundly real. As covered by Stakers Club’s Experts, the world of virtual reality gambling appeals to players with its unparalleled realism – from the clinking chips to the detailed texture of the felt tables, every element is designed to absorb the player into the experience.

VR Casinos vs Online Casinos
How to Start Playing
VR Casino Providers
Newest Casino Experience
VR Table Games
VR Casino Promotions

Established vs New Online Casino Brands

The debate continues as to whether it is beneficial to play at a new online casino or an established casino. Multiple factors determine the outcome, and there are pros and cons to be considered from both sides. In the end, however, the final decision will be dictated by individual preferences. Below are the core advantages and disadvantages of playing at a new online casino in the United Kingdom.

Pros & Cons – Playing At New Online Casinos


Tempting welcome bonuses

There are new casino games, some of which are unique and come from smaller studios

New online casinos often have the most up-to-date technology built in

Innovation and modernisation are often key factors

Brings new ideas to casinos with special deals and incentives

Casinos with higher payout rates provide more chances of winning


Unproven and new to the UK casino scene; can lack stability and dependability

Due to a lack of money, there are fewer chances to get random bonuses

Customer service may lack the right skills and knowledge

Some of the prize pools for promotions and tournaments may be smaller

Win Bigger On The Best Online Casino Jackpot Games

Progressive jackpots have reinforced their place in the iGaming industry due to their impressive potential for seven and eight-figure payouts. They have transplanted the concept of multiple jackpot games linked across the Las Vegas Strip into the online casino industry with the added boost of further gameplay upgrades. These progressive jackpot prizes are tied to millions of wagers from the UK and around the world. It is for this reason that these jackpots reach staggering amounts that often exceed Β£15 million. The Mega Moolah jackpot from Microgaming is a perfect example of the way these online slots can attain international fame. The four-tier jackpot system in Mega Moolah is renowned for awarding multi-million-pound payouts to a small number of lucky players who have entered the jackpot winner’s circle.

New online casino brands do everything possible to incorporate as many of these progressive jackpots to help generate interest in the site and its game collection. While there is already a great number of jackpot games available, there are a few titles that receive significantly more online play than others. Take, for instance, From Dusk Till Dawn by Novomatic or Dirty Dancing by Playtech. These utilise well-known movie themes to attract players who know the brand. Yggdrasil is a reputable developer with a history of releasing successful jackpot games, and one of its most well-known titles is Dr Fortuno. We also witness iSoftBet’s Kobushi jackpot dropping frequently, which has drawn a lot of interest from jackpot players seeking a portion or all its prize money.

Five different jackpot themes and game designs, but they all have one thing in common: a progressive jackpot that increases with every real-money wager placed on the game. The addition of a progressive jackpot (or multiple jackpots in some instances) enhances the excitement of slot machines. It is not surprising that UK progressives consistently attract large crowds. There is one steadfast rule when playing these games and thinking about utilising bonuses. This is to keep no-deposit bonuses and free spins separate from the games. These types of bonuses can lead to unfortunate situations if a large jackpot is triggered but the maximum winnings limit denied access to the full prize.

New Online Π‘asino Games


Portfolio: +120 Slots

  • Founded in 2013, Yggdrasil has Swedish roots but is headquartered in Malta.
  • Officially licenced to operate in 17 jurisdictions throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Popular supplier to several top-tier casinos, including William Hill and Bet365 Games.
  • Exclusive and unique games continue to be developed in partnership with smaller studios such as Northern Lights and Rabcat.
  • Recognised as an industry pioneer and winner of multiple iGaming awards for its ground-breaking contributions to the gaming industry.

Notre-Dame Tales

Notre-Dame Tales by Yggdrasil has 6 reels, 4 rows of symbols, and 25 paylines, which can expand to 40 paylines in the free spins round. While the winning potential of Notre-Dame Tales is not as high as some other slots, it is still a medium-high volatile game with a respectable RTP of up to 96%.

Candy Finty

Candyfinity is a sweet treat for Stakers Club members. This slot is played on a grid of 6 reels and 3 rows, with 729 ways to win. To score a win, you'll need to land identical symbols on at least 3 adjacent reels from the left-most side. Upon a win, it creates a winning streak that can help you collect even more coins.

Dark Vortex

Dark Vortex is a high-variance slot game from that takes players on a dark journey into the underworld. The game features a generous 243 Ways to Win format, which means that players can win by landing matching symbols on any three or more adjacent reels.

Lucha Maniacs

Lucha Maniacs is a Mexican wrestling-themed slot from Yggdrasil Gaming that offers great variety in its gameplay. The game features a free spins mode with over 20 modifiers, a poster bonus, and the option to activate Golden Bet. This feature guarantees that 5 scatter symbols will land on the reels, triggering the free spins round.

Red Tiger

Portfolio: +200 Slots

  • The current headquarters was founded in 2014 and is located on the iGaming island of Malta.
  • Multiple licences obtained from various gambling authorities, including UKGC and the MGA.
  • NetEnt acquired Evolution in 2019 and now serves as the parent company.
  • Paddy Power, William Hill, PokerStars, and Betfair are just some of the top casinos using these games.
  • A recipient of fifteen or more prizes, including those for best online slot, best mobile innovation, and best mobile supplier.

Wild Hot Chilli Reels

Wild Hot Chilli Reels takes players on a fiery adventure through its 5-reel, 3-row grid, offering 10 dynamic paylines. The sizzling fire seven serves as the highest paying symbol, delivering a reward of 45x the stake when five align on a payline.

Doggy Riches Megaways

Red Tiger’s release offers a gameplay experience as endearing as its canine theme. The game unfolds on a 6-reel grid with up to 7 rows, allowing for up to 117,649 ways to win. With the high volatility of the game, players also have ample opportunity for substantial rewards.

Eagle Riches

With an American wilderness theme, Eagle Riches from Red Tiger Gaming has 5 reels and 40 paylines. The Eagle’s Shadow feature, which swaps symbols for better wins, and its striking visuals have made it popular among UK’s casino community who enjoy animal slots.

Buffalo King Megaways

The slot boasts six reels, and through the Megaways mechanic, the number of rows varies dynamically with each spin, resulting in a total of 200,704 ways to win. The gameplay is designed on the cascading mechanic allowing for consecutive wins within a single spin.

Push Gaming

Portfolio: +200 Slots

  • Push Gaming was established in 2010 and has locations in both Sliema, Malta, and London, England.
  • Valid gambling licences issued by reputable organisations like the UKGC and MGA.
  • Skilled programmers who create one-of-a-kind casino adventures while keeping in mind the importance of promoting safe gambling practices.
  • Can play games from respected companies like LeoVegas, Bet Victor, and Royal Panda.
  • Several companies, including the Betsson Group and Unibet, have commissioned the creation of exclusive casino games.

Razor Returns

Razor Returns is a high-stakes online slot from Push Gaming that is sure to get your heart racing. The game features 40 paylines, a top prize of 100,000x your bet, and a variety of exciting features, including nudges, mystery symbols, free spins, increasing multipliers, and symbol collection.

Dino P.D.

Dino PD is a medium to high-variance slot from Push Gaming that takes players on a wild adventure with a team of dino-cops. The game features a 5x4 reel format with 20 paylines, and it's packed with bonus features: coin multipliers, free spins, and collection symbols – bound to result in big payouts.

Mystery Mission – To The Moon

If you're looking for a slot with big wins potential, then Mystery Mission to the Moon is an excellent pick for your gaming portfolio. This space-themed slot from Push Gaming features a 6x5 reel format with 20 paylines, and it's packed with bonus features, including the Free Spins bonus, Nudge and Reveal, and Mystery Stacks.

Tiki Tumble

Tiki Tumble is a game set in an ancient temple, with the symbols on the reels comprising tiki masks, totems, and other artifacts. It is played on a 5x5 grid, and the minimum bet is 25p per spin. The bonus round awards an unlimited number of free spins with a progressive multiplier, which can lead to some truly massive payouts.


Portfolio: +200 Slots

  • Established in 2012, Thunderkick has locations in both Stockholm and Malta.
  • Acquired gaming permits from the top-level authorities, including the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Embracing a “minimalism” design philosophy in pursuit of accessible and fun gameplay.
  • Numerous highly regarded gambling establishments, such as 888 Casino, Casumo, Bet365, William Hill, and Betsson all feature Thunderkick games.
  • All the casino’s games made with portability in mind.

The Wildos

This Wild West-themed 5x3 slot machine has 15 fixed paylines and features a variety of bonus symbols, including sticky wilds, scatters, and free spins. The game retains all fun that comes with the atmosphere of a western, with the symbols including iconic sheriff stars, wanted posters, dynamite sticks, and the three Wildo bandits.

Beat the Beast: Kraken’s Lair

Kraken's Lair is a high-RTP (96.12%) and high-volatility slot from Thunderkick that takes you on an adventure to the depths of the ocean to battle the Kraken and claim its treasure. This mythical adventure is played on 5 reels with 9 paylines, with a range of dynamic and fun features, free spins, expanding symbols, and a maximum win of 7,777x your stake.

Lost City of the Djinn

Lost City of the Djinn is a 5x3, 25-payline online slot from Thunderkick that is inspired by the tales of the 1,001 Nights. The game is set in a desert oasis, and the symbols on the reels include genies, treasure chests, and other Arabian-themed items. To win, you need to match at least three of the same symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

Divine Lotus

Divine Lotus is a 6-reel, 4096 ways to win online slot from Thunderkick. The game is set in a lush and exotic garden, and the symbols on the reels include lotus flowers, koi fish, and other Asian-inspired imagery. Divine Lotus is a high-volatility slot, so it's important to be aware of the risks before taking on this game.

Relax Gaming

Portfolio: +200 Slots

  • Relax Gaming was established in 2010, and its headquarters are in Malta.
  • Began as a B2B supplier and expanded into the creation and distribution of casino games.
  • Multiple gambling permits in the United Kingdom, Romania, and Malta are in place.
  • Offers a variety of options like casinos, poker, and bingo.
  • Top-tier gaming alliances with the Betsson Group, Kindred Group, GiG, and White Hat Gaming.

Jurasic Park

The game layout for the Jurassic Park slot consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and an impressive 243 ways to secure victory. To achieve winning combinations, players must align 3 or more identical symbols or wilds on neighboring reels, with the sequence initiating from reel 1. Max Win for this game is set at 6,333x your total stake on a single spin.

Shark Wash

Crafted by Relax Gaming, Shark Wash emerges as an engaging virtual slot experience. Its key features encompass a collection of complimentary spins, the innovative countdown wilds mechanic, and the avalanche mechanic. The game maintains a 96.06% RTP, with the potential of 5,000x wins.

Volatile Egypt Dream Drop

Set against a 5x3 reel grid with 15 paylines, this game offers a thrilling dose of volatility. This progressive jackpot slot plays out on 5x3 reels with a total of 15 paylines. You get multiplying multiplier wilds of up to 5x, with several options of multiplying wilds and free spins in the bonus round.

Money Train 3

This Relax Gaming slot gives off a spirited energy, maintaining an impressive 96.1% return to player ratio. The top prize for Money Train 3 reaches an astounding 100,000x times your original bet. Get ready to embark on an unparalleled gaming journey with respins and a hold & spin bonus with plenty of modifiers.

Biggest Online Slot Jackpot Wins

Dazzle Me


Eagle Riches


Jammin’ Jars


Why Do We Accept New Online Casino Brands To Stakers Club?

UK members looking for a reputable new online casino can rely on Stakers Club to deliver up-to-date listings of licensed and trusted gaming sites. The search for new casino experiences is popular, and sometimes the older and longstanding casinos simply cannot provide that. This makes the process of approving and introducing the best new operators an important feature for our members. Yet this is only beneficial if these sites pass the ongoing rigorous testing and comprehensive checklists set up by our experts. We verify the fairness of the welcome bonus and its conditions of use, and also high on the priority list is the inclusion of world-class games, ongoing game releases, bonus diversity, rewarding promotions, convenient banking, and accessible support.

The sheer volume of newly-released gaming sites should not discourage those looking to experience something new. Our curated lists are designed to help members find a casino that feels like home. A filtered selection of dependable sites is something that makes the search a lot more efficient. Our approved listings are available 24/7, allowing continuous access to the most recent new casino lists.

  • Only checked and approved new online casinos within the UK are listed at Stakers Club
  • Dependable guidance and expert opinions based on the desires of new players
  • Exclusive new player bonuses designed to maximise the first bets at the casino

Stakers believes that these listings and rankings help to improve the overall UK casino experience. Making intelligent and informed decisions about where to play next helps to eliminate the frustrating uncertainties and question marks out of the search. All our members have the final say, but that point is that every Stakers Club-approved casino has been inspected by our experts to deliver value and entertainment across the site.

Final Words On Stakers Club & New Casino Sites

The skill to select new and reputable online casinos is now an important part of the casino experience, as players continue to register multiple accounts to make the most of the diverse entertainment found across the UK. At the core of the Winners Casino Residency Club is the evaluation of the key features that members seek in a new gaming site.

Why and how new online casinos use generous welcome bonuses and unique game collections to build their communities has been clarified throughout this page. Since welcome bonuses are the most important tool for new casinos, we guarantee that all bonuses and bonus rules have been reviewed and approved prior to inclusion on our listings. All the key information we believe to be important is clearly defined and displayed, allowing anyone considering the offer to evaluate the bonus for themselves before claiming.

Every new casino, bonus, and game that enters the listings across Stakers Club must pass a rigorous inspection and approval procedure. Depending on what is being reviewed, these checklists can vary, but everything listed here has been checked by those who understand the industry. The welcome bonuses add more excitement and value to gaming sessions, while the game collections provide the prizes and experiences expected from an online casino in the 21st century. Unacceptable terms and conditions and limited game collections are not tolerated here, and the bigger picture is always considered, which is defined by fair, honest, and professional online casino operations.

Our ongoing assessment of the UK casino environment provides a complete and honest picture designed to encourage positive new gaming decisions. Below is our six-point plan that is used to ensure the legitimacy of our exclusive Winners Casino Residency Club.

The New Casino Review Checkpoints


Our team spend a large amount of effort and time selecting the best new online casinos. It requires research, testing, and endless discussions to determine whether a new site is deserving of recognition in the Stakers Club circle. The result is a list of fully approved online gaming sites. We do the necessary work, leaving our members with a simple decision regarding where to play next.


Banking is an essential element of any online casino game. The promise that casino funds are secure and that all local payment methods are readily available for hassle-free deposits and withdrawals is important. A full rundown of the banking details is included, so initial checks can be made to ensure all relevant payment methods that suit personal banking situation are in place.

Customer Support

Never underestimate the value of customer service when choosing a new online casino. Discussing casino issues with unqualified customer service agents can be frustrating. New websites are expected to provide a variety of support channels, including live chat, email, telephone, and social media accounts. A reliable, English-speaking customer service team is always essential.


One of the most significant aspects of the Stakers Club is that there is no direct connection with any casino. All the assessments and evaluations are conducted independently to guarantee the facts necessary to make the personal and informed decisions. Our impartial reviews ensure that all Stakers Club members get access to the best UK casino entertainment available now.


One of the most important aspects of any casino is its game collection. After all, the whole reason we open casino accounts in the first place is to wager that money on casino games. Therefore, analysing the game titles, game providers, and all the details, such as bet limits and RTPs, provides a technically-minded opinion of what to expect when spending money at the new casino.


Loyalty programmes enhance the value and enjoyment of the casino experience. The best part about these loyalty bonuses is that high roller status is not necessary to receive them. Larger offers are available as a high roller, but smaller bankrolls still receive ongoing promotions. Investigating all the loyalty programmes ensures that the rewards and terms are always beneficial.

The Winners Casino Residency Club is frequently updated with the latest casinos, bonuses, and casino news. Keep in mind that opening multiple casino accounts allows access to new gaming avenues and the best features each casino has to offer. Our recommended new sites all offer generous welcome packages, including free spins and bonuses, so play smarter and utilise our research to maximise casino bankrolls and enjoy the full UK online casino experience.

New Online Casino Sites FAQ

To attract players in the United Kingdom, new online casinos constantly promote a wide variety of bonuses and games, from welcome deals to traditional slot machines and the allure of live dealers. With so many options available, it can be difficult to figure out how to make the most of the time and money available. Our experts cover all the essential points and details needed to deliver the newest and most reputable online casinos in the UK. As an extra avenue to support the search, below is a list of the most frequently asked questions asked by our beginners and experienced members.

πŸ₯‡ Which new online casino is the best in the UK?

When looking for a reputable iGaming operator in the United Kingdom, a player who is new to the scene may feel a bit lost. The best new casinos offer fair terms, a usable platform, and helpful customer service. Members can also anticipate receiving generous bonuses, participating in a rewarding loyalty programme, and using reliable software that provides access to a wide variety of games. Take advantage of our regularly updated list of the top new online casinos and enjoy playing at the sites that are tailored to provide the best possible modern gaming experiences.

πŸ”’ Can you put your trust in new online casino brands?

For this reason, we have taken the time to curate lists of only the most reputable and trustworthy new casinos available. There is always room for uncertainty so let our experts point the way. A valid gambling licence is always a must when playing in the UK, so be sure to read up on our top picks and only play at the most trustworthy new UK-based online casinos, licensed by the top-rated gambling authority, the UKGC.

🎰 How do free spins work?

The deposit casino bonus is one of the more traditional offers out there, and one that you will come across time and time again once you become a full member somewhere. Similar to the welcome bonus, this offer again matches your deposit up to a certain amount when you make a deposit. Bonus codes are often used in relation to these offers but not all the time, so check the promotion details before you make your deposit else you may not receive any casino bonus at all, and that can be annoying.

βž• What are the advantages of new online casinos?

When it comes to providing players with a top gaming experience and a streamlined mobile platform, new online casinos have the latest technology and software available. Online casinos that have been around for a while tend to have a smaller selection of games, but the newer sites tend to have more variety because they have a well-defined strategy of partnering with more software providers. One of the biggest benefits of our new casino recommendations are the rewarding welcome bonuses, all designed with fair terms and the chance to boost bankrolls during the early days of membership.

πŸ†š Are new casinos better than old ones?

Both new and established casinos have their advantages and disadvantages. Even though many older venues offer games from all the major developers, their bonus structures are often rigid and unchanging. Since they have less to lose, new operators are more likely to experiment with different approaches, such as offering a wider variety of games or introducing modern bonus incentives. Despite this, there is still a lack of overall iGaming management experience that can only come from operating within the industry. When evaluating new and existing websites, these criteria are considered throughout the entire review and approval process.

🎁 Do new online casino sites offer better bonuses than old casinos?

New online casinos often offer larger welcome bonuses in an effort to distinguish themselves from the competition. Deposit bonuses of up to 300% are common, and many sites also offer free spins upon registration to help attract players. Typical features of modern bonus plans include cashback, daily deals, reloads, and tournaments, all of which are designed to reward loyal customers.

πŸ’΅ What payment options are available at new online casinos?

One advantage of newly launched casinos is that they go to great lengths to support a wide variety of payment methods, from instant bank transfers and e-wallets to mobile payments and more conventional methods like credit cards. Banking at today's top online casinos is typically state-of-the-art, with lightning-fast and secure transaction to entice players that hold financial security as a priority.

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