Myth is an Ancient Greece-themed video slot machine with a few next generation touches added to the mix. The next gen stuff isn't difficult however and newbies to the genre should feel comfortable playing. It can be played on desktops, laptops, iPhones, Android-enabled devices and most tablets. If you can plug into the internet, you can play Myth.

Icons include ten, jack, queen, king, ace, Minotaur, medusa, cyclops, and Cerberus, the three headed dog. Golden urns are the scatters. With three of them the game triggers 15 free spins. During the free spin round, most prizes are worth three times their original value. If you hit on a win with a warrior icon, however, it will be worth six times what it is usually worth. Not a bad deal!

The rest of the game is very retro. Try to spin at least three matching icons in order to win. This keeps it very simple. And that's good! We don't always want to play complicated next-generation slots with a ton of mini-games and cut scenes.

That said, if it does sound complex to you, feel free to boot up the game in demo mode. This allows you to play for free until you are comfortable. Then when you are ready, load up your credits to play for money.

We recommend playing Myth on mute, though. There is either very, very low ambient sounds between spins, or extremely loud music during each spin. We almost blew out our speakers!

So if a retro Ancient Greece-themed game seems like what you want to play, why not try out Myth? It has the old-school features you need with just a little bit of free spins to edge you into next generation territory.

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