Step right up and play Golden Ticket, the new slot game from Play 'n Go. Inspired by old-time circus excitement, you're sure to enjoy the experience of clearing the board and winning big with your own golden tickets.

You play with five rows and five reels. Unlike a traditional video slot machine, the reels don't spin but rather drop down from the top. When you lock in a win, it disappears from the board. Then the icons above fall into place and can create additional wins. This keeps going on until there are no more winning combinations.

In addition, after each win a “golden ticket” is created. This is a wild card that will appear on the board. Beyond that, each win increases the multiplier by one. So on your second win you're getting twice your normal win, your third win three times, and on and on. You'll see the progress on this in the Multiplier box along the left side of the grid. Also, it's worth noting two payouts for the golden ticket – five of them rewards you with 1,000 coins, and you win 2,000 coins for clearing the whole grid (which you'd do thanks to multiple golden tickets).

Your minimum bet is .20 credits and your maximum is 40 credits per spin. Icons include weights, a ringmaster's top hat, a strongman, juggling pins, a clown and the ring master himself.

Sometimes, when the reels clear, you'll see that the word “bonus” appears behind some of the reels. They are revealed when a combination disappears. Reveal and entire “BONUS” and you'll be transported

This is a different screen where the icons at the bottom are larger than the icons at the top. You also have 10 new icons to play with, and have to land five alike icons instead of three. That said, the payouts at the shooting gallery are huge. 

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