Ave Caesar is an incredibly evolved Roman-themed next-generation video slot machine. It will test your skills and if you are up to the task, great rewards await. Stumble, however, and you could end up stabbed in the back like Caesar! Playing this will make you pay attention as it delivers a ton of Roman action.

The game starts with five reels and 20 pay lines. Its main icons are Roman numerals and a woman; a Roman solider, a centurion, and the Ave Caesar logo. The minimum bet is .20 credits and the maximum bet per spin is 200 credits.

Caesar himself is the wild card, and can turn into any symbol that will help earn a win. Get five of him in a row and win 50 times your bet.

This is where the special next generation features comes in. Get Caesar on reels one, three and five and you'll trigger one of four of the bonus games. Caesars Conquest is the first one. The emperor comes on the screen and has to pick various tents. Some have beautiful women inside and will deliver you credits. Pick the one that says collect and the turn is over and you'll be rewarded with what you've won.

The second is the Roman Empire bonus round.Here, you'll send troops out to conquer land. You'll keep getting credits until you run out of troops.

The third is the Glory of Rome. This triggers 10 free spins. If you hit on a wild, it will stay sticky for three spins. When a +1 symbol appears in the fifth reel, you'll get an additional free spin.

The final is the Druid Free Spin bonus game, with 10 free spins. If there is a wild during the spins, your winnings double. Getting more wilds doubles that. The lower Roman numerals also turn wild. All wilds are sticky and will remain until the end of the round.

But that's not all! There are four additional bonus rounds that appear randomly! We told you this is a complex game.

Hannibal's Hero bonus game brings the general and his elephants onto the screen. As they march by, they leave wild cards behind.

In The Gaul bonus game, a man will appear on screen. People will throw rocks at him. When the rocks miss and hit icons, they turn into matching icons and trigger big wins. Sometimes they even add a multiplier.

The Ave Caesar bonus game offers six scrolls. Pick the one you want. It will either deliver a five-of-a-kind win, a big win, or turn on one of the four main bonus games.

Finally, there is the Centurion Maximum bonus game. Hit this and a scroll will appear on the screen. When it disappears, one of the icons will explode into a two-reel, two-row icon or a three-reel, three-row icon. This generally guarantees a win!

With all these bonus features, this is one of the most dynamic next generation slots out there. It takes a bit to get used to but once you do you can score big.

So if you like complex games and love the Roman empire give Ave Caesar a shot today!

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