Four Seasons is the game for the animal lover in you. Full of tons of critters, it is sure to charm you with how cute it is. Of course, it also has great ways to win – including a 10,000 credit jackpot.

There are actually two games in one with Four Seasons. The first incorporates 12 beautiful animals from the Chinese Zodiac. These include a tiger, a rabbit, a rat, an ox, a dragon, a goat, a snake, a rooster, a horse, a dog, and a pig. There are also Yin-Yang icons, which function as scatters. And there is a golden cat wildcard, too.

On this game, there are five reels and three lines to play. That ends up giving you 35 total pay lines. In the first basic game, if you get five of any an animal, you win 50 credits. You'll win 20 credits for four of an animal, and 10 for three of an animal. If golden wildcards appear, you'll end up winning 10,000 credits.

The Yin-Yang icons give you your free spins. Three give you eight spins, four a dozen, and five, 20 free spins. This first game alone is worth playing!

Then there is the second game. There is a seasonal wheel at the bottom of the screen. It changes every 30 spins. When you spin, a reel kicks off. If it hits the golden symbol, you'll win 10 times your payout on that spin. If it hits the ones next to it, you'll get 5 times your payout on that spin. Every 30 spins, you get a different symbol.

There is an additional fun feature as well. Every 90 spins, the season changes. This affects your background. Play 360 spins, and you'll see the entire year – from sunny summer to snowy winter – go by.

The result is a very fun to play game that will keep you coming back, season after season.

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