2 Million BC at Stakers Online Casino

Cavemen brandishing clubs. Cavewomen in their Betty Rubble best. Saber-tooth tigers at every turn! Evocative paintings in the depths of ancient caves, lit only by newly discovered fire. That was 2 million B.C., and that's what Betsoft brings to the player in their fun slot game, 2 Million B.C.

In a lot of ways, 2 Million B.C. is your standard slot – it has 5 reels and 30 pay lines, with up to 5 coins per pay line as a maximum. Matching two symbols in a pay line is a win, with some 3-match symbols as well. But the player has to make sure to play consistently – and without delay – lest the animated caveman yawns from boredom!

But while the initial gameplay might seem simple – and as an older name in Betsoft's portfolio, it might not deliver that visual punch the player is used to – the secret fun of 2 Million B.C. lies in its tremendous bonus rounds. In fact, it's what keeps players going back in time to this mysterious (and lucrative!) era in human history, despite its old-school feel.

There are many symbol combinations that unlock special screens, bonus spins, and big credit payouts. The player will also enjoy featured challenges, as well as a "night mode" for an even more exciting way to play. And 2 Million B.C.'s characters interact with the player often enough to keep them on their toes with lots of amusing distractions.

Again, it's not the most visually stunning effort in the Betsoft world. But there's lots of plays to make, many ways to win, bonus rounds for extra fun, and very user friendly for any player level.

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