Troll Hunters is a dynamic next-generation game from Play N Go that will have players chasing the bonus round while playing this slots-like video game. We say it's like slots because it isn't exactly a slot machine. It's more similar to Candy Crush or other similar phone games.

There are no reels in Troll Hunters. Instead there is a 25-character grid on the screen. When the gameplay starts, random icons fall on the grid. If you get three or more in a row you win credits. Then those icons disappear and the icons above them fall into place. If that gives you another three or four in a row, those disappear too. The first three or more that match is a regular win. With each additional one, there are bonus multipliers up to five times your regular win. Clear the board for a huge win.

There are no wilds on the first round, but you'll start to see them as you begin to clear off the board. And letters to the word “bonus” may start to appear as well. Spell out the entire word and you'll go to the bonus round.

Here, all of the characters change. In the bonus round there are 10 free spins, where the choice is to spin at least five icons in a row. The best bonus is for 10 icons on one spin. Then when the free spins are done, you'll return to the original game.

The minimum bet for Troll Hunters is .20 credits. The maximum bet is 40 credits.

This is a unique and fun game that you'll want to learn how to play. Luckily, it's possible to try it out in demo mode for free before actually making a bet.

So why not give Troll Hunters a try? You'll have a lot of fun and you may be able to stack up big wins.

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