The Hidden Temple at Stakers Online Casino

There is a bit of a learning curve on The Hidden Temple, a fantastic online slot game from Push Gaming. But once you get the hang of it, you'll love exploring this temple to uncover its riches.

The screen is set up in an interface that includes the dashboard, a blinking frame, and the game area is split in two – up top is a screen that shows the story of a long journey to the Hidden Temple taken by a young man and his elder, who meet many characters along the way. It is part cartoon, part Anime. The boy wears a traditional ghi. The old man following behind hobbles along with the use of a wooden cane. Every once in a while is a treasure map, and when the golden bells are matched, the old man hits a flying green bird and a bell pops out. Weirdly, there is also a raccoon who seems to have a few questions.

The playing section is right below, and resembles a traditional slot machine like you'd see in a real casino, but on a mini scale – there are only three reels and three rows.

Symbols include watermelons, bells, cherries, big fat sevens and Replays. When a winning combo comes up, the frame blinks, the screen dims a bit and the winning combo is highlighted for easy viewing. The sevens trigger bonuses and power-ups, and of course Replays offer free spins.

As for the learning curve, the controls are not clearly labeled and there is a combination of buttons to push before you're properly set up to spin the reel buttons. Nothing is clearly explained, though, so there's a level of trust you'll have to have that the payouts are correct.

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