Sticky Bandits is a next-generation slot machine that takes you back to the wild, wild west. It has a rustic setting and plays Spaghetti Western music while you play. If you've ever had any cowboy fantasies, this is the slot machine for you.

The game features five reels with five rows and 30 pay lines. What really makes Sticky Bandits different, however, are the sticky bandits themselves. They are wild cards. But not only single wilds. Given the right spin they can expand so that they take off four rows of two reels. You can even get two of them side by side – meaning everything on your other reel is a winner!

When there is a locomotive next to a wild it will give you free spins – and have the wild become “sticky,” i.e, stay in place during the free spins.

You also have achievements to unlock as you play. The higher you get, the better chances of wilds and free spins. It constantly tells you where you are on your achievement list – bronze, silver, gold or diamond – so you know what you are playing for.

The icons are ten, jack, queen, king, ace, a blonde female bandit, dynamite, a sheriff, the bandits, and the locomotive.

They've really done all they can to immerse you in this world of the wild west. The large bandit wild icons are also a treat. This is what people are looking for when they search for next generation games.

So why not take them for a ride? Bets can be as low as .15 credits a spin and can be as high as 90 credits a spin. In other words, whether you are a casual player or someone who wants to break the bank, Sticky Bandits is for you.

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