Spinata Grande is an advanced, next-generation slot machine game that will be welcomed by experienced players, and yet still manage to amuse people new to the game. Don't worry about the Spanish name – the entire game is in English, and simple for anyone to understand.

This game starts out with five reels and four rows. But what sets Spinata Grande apart are the “grande” symbols. They can either take over two reels and two rows, or three reels and three rows. This means that they greatly increase your chances at hitting a big win. They really are grande!

The other thing that sets this apart is the Colossal Reel symbol. When this symbol appears, you'll be taken to a mini three-reel slot machine. Here you'll either have three, six or nine free spins on the mini slot. These can lead to big wins. In addition, hit star symbols on the mini-slot to trigger free spins on the main slot machine.

Seem complex? It really isn't. But if you are worried about not understanding something, simply play it at first in demo mode. This allows for no risk of any monetary losses while you get to learn the game. But we know that sooner or later, you're going to want to place your bets and see how much you can win.

It's fully playable by nearly any device that connects to the internet. A laptop or desktop will work. So will an Android-enabled device or iPhone. Most tablets made by reputable companies will also work just fine.

This is a great game for people who want to move beyond retro slots into something more advanced and more fun. You'll be chasing the grandes and loving the mini-slots. It's a game built for the players.

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