Pontoon Pro High Limit is a British version of Blackjack with slightly different rules that can enhance or detract from the game, depending on your point of view. It's certainly a great challenge to play if you are from Europe, as you'll have to shift your strategy. If you are from Britain, however, it's the perfect way to play the game you grew up with.

The first difference is that Blackjack is called a Pontoon. Hits are called “twists,” and stand is called “stick.” The biggest change, however, is that if you have 14 or less, you must take a twist (hit). So you can't sit on a lower hand if you think the dealer will go bust. This is somewhat balanced out by the dealer having to twist on a soft 17.

Another change is that the dealer wins all ties – while in traditional Blackjack, a tie can become a push. You can also twist after a double – unlike traditional Blackjack – and you can split aces twice instead of just once.

Finally, you have a “Charlie.” This is when either you or the dealer get to exactly 21 with exactly five cards. This is the second-highest play in the game, and will beat other people with 21 – except if they have a Pontoon (Blackjack).

Overall, the change in rules means the return to player payout is 99.66% compared to traditional Blackjack at 99.53%. This assumes you take advantage of traditional Pontoon strategies.

Because this is a high-limit variation of Pontoon, you can bet up to €40 EUR per hand.

The bottom line: If you are not from Britain and want a fun Blackjack-like challenge, Pontoon Pro High Limit is a great way to expand your game playing experience. And if you are from Britain, it offers a safe haven without having to keep track of foreign Pontoon rules.

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