Ozwin's Jackpots is an intense next-generation video slot machine game. It is not for the faint of heart or those new to playing slots online. It is an advanced game that will make players concentrate and as they play, ask for more. The ultimate quest is to win one of the five jackpots that are always available on the screen. Grab one and see your fortunes increase. But to win, you have to use your sense of strategy.

The return to player ratio on this five-reel, three-row game is 96.7% – a great deal for any gamer. The five jackpots are tiered. There are the novice, apprentice, mystic, wizard, and arch mage. All of them are progressive, and build up over time. The lower levels pay less. The higher levels pay more.

Getting the jackpots is difficult, but more than worth it. First, you have to hit the crystal icons to trigger free spins. Then during the free spins round, try to get an orb. An orb will relate to one of the categories of jackpots. When one appears, you can slot it in the jackpot area. Get five orbs over the course of your game – without quitting – and you win that jackpot. This can become really tense when you have three or four orbs sitting in two or more categories. Which do you hope for?

Finally, you have spell books you can chase. These can result in credits, free spin crystals, or lead you to a bonus game. During the bonus game, the key is to avoid getting the evil spell book, which will stop it dead in its tracks.

Ozwin's Jackpots is a complicated game, but for those who get it it is amazing to play. Chasing jackpots is fun and competitive. Watching them get larger until you hit one is awesome. So give it a go – the jackpot may change your life.

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