Jolly Roger is a next-generation pirate-themed game that will have players talking like a pirate all day long. Are you ready to hoist the riggings, man the cannons and loot your way through an adventure? If so, Jolly Roger is the game to play. Ships ahoy mateys!

The game has five reels and three lines. Scatters are parrots, and can deliver free spins. The wild is Jolly Roger's flag, which can be any icon you need for it to produce a win. Best of all, it will double the value of any wins. That's enough for a pirate to scream for more.

Get three pirate's chest icons to trigger the Chest Bonus round, where players can collect a ton of credits. For even more credits, three Map icons trigger the Map Bonus round. There is a lot to be won here with these two dynamic bonus rounds.

The game can be tricky at first. This is why we suggest players try it out in demo mode at first. This allows gameplay without risking any real money. Then when you are ready, load up on credits and try to score as much loot as you can.

It's possible to play Jolly Roger on any Internet enabled device. The game works on laptops, desktops, iPhones, Android enabled devices and most tablets. If you can connect to the internet, you can play Jolly Roger.

So if pirates are your thing – and why wouldn't they be – then get ready to play Jolly Roger. There's treasure to be found, maps to be followed, and fun to be had. Just strap in, load up on credits and see just how good a pirate you can be. The rewards will be worth it!

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