It Came From Venus JP at Stakers Online Casino

Betsoft has proven its expertise once again with It Came From Venus, a video slot game that is sure to entertain you with its wacky, gorgeously designed world. Although don't be fooled - the "Venus" in question is not the planet, or the goddess of love! It's the Venus Flytrap, and this one may have indeed come from another world. Goodness knows we've got nothing like it on this planet.

The action itself features the standard video slots configuration of 5 reels with 3 rows each, and 30 pay lines. The story revolves around a farmer defending his crops from the Venus flytrap. The grinning alien plant and the hapless farmer watch over your playing; after each spin, he lobs a cob of corn to the plant to keep it happy. Symbols include a barn and a do not trespass sign, and then there are several military-style symbols - a Humvee, a helicopter, a chiseled-jaw official, and an inexplicably vague wooden wall with what appear to be barrels up against it.

And it just gets crazier from there! Matching symbols are lassoed and dropped from the playing grid. There is banjo music that honestly, you're going to want to mute at some point, because it is a bit dissonant when the game sounds start happening.

It Came From Venus is jam-packed with free spins, bonus rounds, wild, scatters, collapsing stacks, tons of multipliers, and a jackpot of up to 25,000 coins. You can play for free or for real money, so lean in to the absurd story line, soak up the stunning graphics, and try your luck with It Came From Venus.

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