Golden Boot at Stakers Online Casino

You might know it as the European Golden Shoe, but here at Stakers we call the award that is presented each season to the leading goalscorer in league matches from the top division of every European national league the Golden Boot. And now, thanks to this incredible game, you can enjoy the excitement and thrills as you play to win the prize.

Because it's a unique kind of game, we'll run through how it works. First, you'll be asked to select your team. You can choose from nearly any football team in the world, represented by that country's flag.

Then you're taken to a screen that shows half of a football pitch set against a background of a packed sports stadium. But as for the gameplay area, it's set up like a pinball machine on a football pitch. There are eight yellow blockers put into place, and a blue goalie at the net.

Ten balls are then shot from the top of the screen and head towards the goal at the bottom. They bounce off the blockers and the goalie – and if you're lucky, at least one ball will get past the goalie and score!

If any of them make the goal, you win credits. The game keeps track of your win-loss record, and you can use that to decide when to raise and when to lower your bets. You can adjust the number of balls that are in play and the bet per ball using the plus-minus buttons on either side of the play button. You'll also see how much you've won so far, your overall balance, and how much your total bet is for the current round.

It's just like getting 10 free kicks in the Golden Boot match of a lifetime. Try it out today!

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