Finn and the Swirly Spin AT STAKERS ONLINE CASINO

Finn and the Swirly Spin is a slot machine game that has a ton of cool features not seen anywhere else. Irish themed, it is designed to give you more chances to win the more you play. While the mood of the game is calm and relaxing, the action is hot and once you learn how to play, maybe the luck of the Irish will come your way.

The game starts with a five-reel by five-row grid. Icons include stone spades, wooden hearts, while clovers, acorns, horseshoes, and rubies. There is also a key placed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Whenever you get at least three alike icons next to each other, it's a win. That's fairly normal for slots games, but then a twist happens. After a win, the winning icons will disappear from the board.

Then the icons swirl in a circle – pulling those from the outside towards the middle. This can provide you with even more wins. What's important, though, is that it will start to pull the key at the bottom towards the center.

With enough wins, the key will eventually migrate to the middle of the board, where it will unlock a door. The first door you unlock will provide you with seven free spins – plus new wild cards that virtually guarantee a win.

But that's just the start of this game. Keep playing.

The fourth door that unlocks will give you a choice between a basic free spin round and The Lava Lair, with three free spins. If these spins don't give you a win, the Dragon Destroy will burn down symbols to generate a win. Sticky wilds are also present during this round.

When the door is unlocked nine times and you'll be given a choice between the initial free spin round Lava Lair and The Lucky Mug. There are four free spins with this game. Each time a spin isn't a winner, the luck of the Irish will come down and turn one line into one symbol, guaranteeing a win.

Once the door is unlocked 16 times, you'll have a choice between the initial free spin round, Lava Lair, the Lucky Mug and Golden Pot. This turns all your low value pieces into high value ones giving a shot at a huge win. However, with Golden Pot you'll only get two free spins.

If this seems complicated, you can always try out Finn And The Swirly Spin in demo mode until you get used to it.

Finn and the Swirly Spin is one of the most exciting next-generation games to come out in years. Give it try. Otherwise you won't know how lucky you can be!

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