Dwarf Mine at Stakers Online Casino

Dwarf Mine is produced by Yggdrasil. It is a high variance game with an average 96.8% return.

It is set up originally in a five-by-four configuration. We say originally because whenever you get a bonus icon, a new row will open up. This bonus symbol is a drill. First, this gives you a five-by-five configuration. Then a five-by-six configuration. Finally, with your third bonus icon, you'll be playing on a five-by-seven configuration – with 10 free spins.

The minimum bet is .10 credits. The maximum bet per spin is 125 credits. The most you can win is 488,025 credits on a single spin. There are 1,024 ways to win. You win a spin by landing the same symbol on at least three consecutive reels, though not necessarily adjacent to each other. If you land more than one symbol on one reel, then you win a multiplier as well.

Icons include low symbols like spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, plus the dwarf's mining shovel, lantern, pick axe, and mining hat as the high symbols. The super-high-paying symbols are blue, red, yellow and green jewels; they show up only when there is a five-by-seven configuration during the collection free spins.

So, what are collection free spins? The uncut versions of those same colored jewels are collectable symbols. They only show up on the expanded reels. When you collect five of a certain color, you win free spins. That's when the cut jewels show up on the reels.

This may seem confusing, but once you start playing it becomes clear. And as a new player, you collect eight symbols!

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