Dragon Sisters looks like a next-generation video slot machine, but really it is two great retro slots that play off of each other. This makes it accessible to new slot machine players, but also fun for the more experienced among you. All in all, a well balanced game that has a fair amount to offer.

The game starts out with two five-reel, three-row slot machines stacked on top of each other. When you spin, both sets of reels go 'round. And either can give out rewards. But the difference from most games is that if you get red dragons on the top one, it will send wild cards to the bottom one. You then win a free spin on the bottom one. Blue dragons on the bottom one will send wild cards to the top one and also give you a free spin. You can continue sending free spins from one slot to the other until you don't get the dragon you want.

That's the heart of this dragon-themed game. Other than that, it is completely old school and is not hard to play at all. You can wager a minimum of .25 credits and a maximum of 100 credits.

If it sounds complex, you can always practice in demo mode for free. Of course, to get real winnings you'll have to spend real money.

Despite the fact that you have two slot machines, it is optimized for mobile. Therefore, you are not chained to your laptop or desktop. You can use it on your iPhone, Android or most available tablets.

Overall, this entry-level game is fun for everyone. It's silly, has great graphics, and is just generally enjoyable. So if you are looking for free spins and trading wilds back and forth, give it a go. You just might win.

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