The classic fairytale of The Three Little Pigs may have taught us to be afraid of the big bad wolf – but in this online slot game from the developers at Quickspin, he brings nothing but luck and big bonuses. You'll be rooting for him to appear for every spin.

The design details on Big Bad Wolf are truly remarkable, from the beehive hanging high in a tree to the 3D graphics of each reel space. And speaking of reels, this is a standard five-reel, three-row slot set in the thatched-roof home of our charming three little pigs.

Unique in reel architecture, they don't spin so much as are replaced each time (more on this in a moment). But instead of revealing the pastoral background or simply blank space, the player is given a peek into the interior of the pigs' abode, complete with a hammock of hay, a wood-burning oven, and the pigs themselves, looking ever so anxious. It's such a fun surprise!

The symbols look as though they're built from wood. In addition to the usual playing card symbols (10-J-Q-K-A) there is a stuffed pig doll, the three individual pigs, a wild beehive, and of course, the big bad wolf himself. The full moon symbol appears and then floats up to the free spins chart up on the roof; when pay lines are drawn, they fly off to the right of the screen and the remaining blocks drop down.

During the "swooping reels" part of the game that's triggered by the beehive wild card, for every other win each pig turns wild and stay that way through the whole segment. That means tons of chances to win.

The big bad wolf is the free spins trigger; three or more gets you 10 free spins, with 10 more to be won if another three turn up during the free spin time. Other free spins are triggered by filling up the moon chart with three moons for three spins, while six moons awards the player six spins. But either way, you will see a splendid animation of the pigs' house being blown down.

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