Age of Discovery is a next generation slot machine brought to you by Microgaming. Its goal is to put you on Christopher Columbus' ship as he searches out new lands – and new fruits. You'll be right in the middle of the age of discovery, and what you find will determine what you win. So get ready to sail the high seas and reap your treasure.

The gameplay features five reels, three rows and 25 pay lines. That means you can bet as little as .01 cent for one pay line, or as much as 125 credits for the maximum along all of the pay lines. It's up to you and how confident you feel when placing your wager.

Icons include avocados, mangoes, pomegranates, bananas, papayas, a sextant navigational device, a coat of arms, and Christopher Columbus's sailing vessel, the Santa Maria. Other icons include a serpent, which is the scatter; a gold coin, which acts as a wild; and a compass that can trigger the bonus game.

When you hit three compasses, you're taken on the Treasure Hunt. Here there is a map with a bunch of Xs on it. Click on an X. If it's treasure, you get to keep it. If on the other hand you see a skull and crossbones, the bonus is over and you have to return to the main game. Try to collect as much treasure as you can before it kicks you back!

Age of Discovery is perfect for someone new to next generation games. But with the bonuses and the high maximum bet, it can also be great for experienced high rollers.

So, get your sea legs ready. Step on the boat and start exploring. You never know what you'll find. And the treasure could be all yours. 

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