Fa-Fa Twins at Stakers Online Casino

With the Fa Fa Twins slot game, double the characters means double the fun. The developers and designers at Betsoft have made one of the frankly cutest slots out there, with the animated Fa Fa Twins and their mischievous ways tempting you to try for up to 18,000 coins on a single spin.

With five reels and three rows, The Fa Fa Twins pays 243 ways. And even with something as standard as reels, Betsoft has added a twist - at the beginning of each spin, twin reels give you the chance for a match right off the bat. A big win triggers an exciting animation sequence, with falling coins and plenty to celebrate.

After a winning spin, you can Double Up for yet one more chance with a heads-or-tails coin toss to double your money. You choose Heads or Tails, and whether to gamble all your recent win or just 50 percent. And because, hey, who wants to do math while having fun, there are also three boxes that let the player know how many coins is a full bet, how many is a half bet, and the potential winnings for playing Double Up.

The dashboard is user-friendly and has all the buttons and controls you need. No need to hunt around for what you want. There's also a button with a question mark that leads to a help page, which should answer any questions you have.

The symbols include Orient-inspired lettering for the 10/J/Q/K/A symbols, and of course the wild card symbol are the Fa Fa Twins themselves. There are also bears and fish, lanterns and cherry blossoms, and many more cheeky designs, like the good luck golden cat that waves hello, that are sure to thrill. And it's all accompanied by relaxing yet lively Orient-inspired music.

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