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Serie A
Serie A 2018/2019
Book closes  19 Aug 2018 13:00

Serie A 2017-2018

The 2017/2018 season, which has kicked off on August 19 and ends on May 20, is the 86th in Serie A. Beginning from summer 2017, a video replay system was introduced at the Italian сhampionship. Juventus FC hosted Cagliari Calcio at the Allianz Stadium in the first match. The game ended in favor of the hosts — 3:0.

As many as 20 best teams participate in the season, in which 380 matches are held. 17 clubs have qualified to participate as a result of the last year’s сhampionship. The teams, which settled on the last three positions of the standings, left the tournament. In 2017 these teams were Empoli, Palermo and Pescara. Bets on their games are now accepted within Serie B. The two best teams of Serie B 2016/2017 season, SPAL and Hellas Verona, made it to the highest division. Benevento Calcio became the third newcomer, which took the 5th line in Serie B and won the qualification in the playoffs between the 3rd-6th places. SPAL played 49 matches in lower divisions, Hellas Verona returned back after a year period. Benevento Calcio has been playing in Serie A for the first time in their history and has already received the attention in the world of sports betting.

Juventus FC and AS Roma gained the largest number of points at the end of 2017/2017 season, having qualified for the Champions League; online betting on the matches played in the tournament is available at any time. Being the 3rd, SSC Napoli became a playoff participant in the Champions League qualification. Juventus FC and AS Roma show a confident game in the Champions League, while SSC Napoli moved down to the Europa League. Atalanta and SS Lazio took the 4th and the 5th lines and secured a spot in the Europa League. Since Juventus FC, being the winner of the Coppa Italia, had no need to be qualified to Europa League, AC Milan had a chance to play in the UEL starting with the third qualifying round.

The favorites of Serie A are SSC Napoli and defending champion Juventus FC. The odds for the tournament winner attest to the good chances for both clubs. Atalanta Bergamo, UC Sampdoria, AC Milan, SS Lazio, Inter Milan and AS Roma struggle for the participation in the Champions League and Europa League. US Sassuolo, AC Chievo, SPAL, FC Crotone, Hellas Verona and Benevento Calcio compete for the partaking in the next season.

The most successful clubs in terms of offense are SS Lazio, Juventus and SSC Napoli. On average, about 2,7 goals are scored during each round, which should be taken into account in live betting. Inter Milan, vice-champion AS Roma, SSC Napoli and Juventus FC play defensive with particular confidence. These clubs are the strongest in the season. Moreover, the defending champion can boast a 12-game winning streak. The negative record belongs to Benevento Calcio — they have 18 winless matches.

The list of the top 2017/2018 goalscorers includes the following names: Ciro Immobile from SS Lazio, Mauro Icardi from Inter Milan, Dries Mertens from SSC Napoli, Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain from Juventus, Fabio Quagliarella from UC Sampdoria, Edin Dzeko from AS Roma and others. The sports bets on the best scorer are accepted until the final round.

The greatest number of clean sheets belong to such goalkeepers as Pepe Reina from SSC Napoli, Alisson from AS Roma, Samir Handanovic from Inter Milan, Gianluigi Buffon and Wojciech Szczesny from Juventus FC, Gianluigi Donnarumma from AC Milan and Mattia Perin from Genoa C.F.C.

Serie A Facts

According to the UEFA rating over the last five years, the Italian Serie A belongs to the most important European leagues along with the German Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga, and the English Premier League. The Lega Nazionale Professionisti, established in 1929, is the Championship organizer which is functioning under the Italian Football Federation. The top 20 clubs compete in Serie A not only for the champion’s title but for the Championship League and the Europa League qualification.

The first football championships have been organized in Italy since 1898. At that time only the regional leagues’ winners had a chance to struggle for the champion’s title. It was Genoa who became the first Italian champion. In 1929 the rules of the tournament were a subject to radical changes. According to the new regulations, the champion was determined from a wide range of teams which contributed to the football betting variety. Since there was only one professional league in Italy, the number of participants was increased, so in 1947/1948 21 clubs were competing for the first place in the standings. Subsequently, the reform was carried out and Serie A and Serie B were created, which have preserved its names up to this day.

Starting with the season of 1956/1957, referees without Italian citizenship were allowed to judge while at the same time football matches began to be broadcasted on TV. Watching the games live became possible at sports betting offices. The year of 1967 brought further changes to the Italian football clubs. The number of teams was reduced to 16 and only in 1987 their number returned back to 18. Owing to the poor performance in 1966 World Championship the participation of foreign players in the tournament was banned. Such a measure was meant to increase the level of proficiency of national football. The cancellation of the measure in 1980 had a positive impact on betting and the League popularity as a whole. Since 2004/05, 20 clubs have participated in the Italian championship.

The season comprises of 38 rounds, each club takes part in 19 home and 19 away matches. The games are held in the period from August to May, including the breaks for the national teams’ matches. The teams occupy the place in the standings according to the number of points gained. For a win a team gains 3 points, for a draw it gets 1, and for a defeat zero points. The teams’ success in the tournament is one of the factors affecting the odds. With the same number of points, the place in the standings is determined through a direct comparison of the teams’ achievements. The places from the 1st to the 4th guarantee the participation in the Champions League. The 5th and 6th positions ensure the participation in the Europa League. The last three teams enter Serie B. The first and second Serie B places secure transition to Serie A. The third new participant is the playoff winner out of four teams occupying the places from 3rd to 6th in Serie B, these matches are also included in the annual live betting offer.

Up to now, only 68 clubs participated in Serie A. Inter Milan is the only team to not have missed a single season since the year of the League’s foundation. Juventus F.C. and Roma left the tournament one time each. Juventus won the champion’s title as many as 33 times. Inter Milan and Roma won the championship 18 times. Online betting on the winner of the tournament is available on these and other clubs before the season ends. The champion’s title in Serie A is also known as Scudetto – a little shield. This name is connected with the emblem in the national flag’s colors – the champions wear it on their uniform during the next season.

Silvio Piola is the most successful goal scorer. He bagged 274 goals playing for Lazio. Francesco Totti from Roma settled on the second position (250 goals), followed by Giuseppe Meazza from Inter (216 goals) and Jose Altafini from A.C. Milan (216 goals). The Italian League soccer players won the European Footballer of the Year Award 18 times – Juventus footballers were awarded 8 times and A.C. Milan players were awarded 7 times. Representatives of Serie A won the FIFA World Player of the Year title 7 times.