You surely have heard of superheroes. But with Super Zeroes, an online scratch card game from the developers at Microgaming, you'll be rooting for these underdogs as they stumble and fumble their way to big wins.

Upon set-up, the look of this scratch card resembles the kind you get at your local newsstand. The covered squares, arranged in a three-by-three grid, have that metallic silver sheen just like real ones.

And just like real-life cards, the pay table is on the left, with each of the characters and their multiplier amounts; they wave or roll their eyes in greeting as you scratch off the panels. The simple instructions are below the grid ("Scratch the panels and match 3 items to win").

You can click, or swipe if you are on a mobile device, to reveal each panel, or you can choose "Reveal All" on the dashboard to see your results right away. Also on the dashboard is your stake and your win totals.

Each panel reveals a full portrait of each wacky Super Zero against a city skyline background. When three matching are revealed, it triggers a fun little animation of that character and your winnings go into your dashboard.

Super Zeroes is not the most exciting scratch card ever designed, but it's straightforward and a lot of fun to play. And you can play for fun or for real money; there is a .50 minimum bet and a 10.00 maximum bet. With the multipliers from 2x to 10,000 your bet, you could be a big winner with a simple scratch. So give these heroes a chance, and you might just hit the jackpot.

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