Microgaming has brought us a fun new game called Super Bonus Bingo. Traditional bingo card players might need a round or two on a free demo to get used to the gameplay, but it's definitely worth it for the pretty hot action.

Why is there a bit of a learning curve? Well, this isn't your grandmom's bingo game! First of all, there are no "cards" – not even virtual ones. In fact, the screen is set up to look more like Keno than bingo.

At the top is the pay table, and depending on how many numbers you pick the correct table will light up for easy reference. Then there is the table of numbers, from 1 to 80. Below that is the tube through which the numbered balls arrive, and then at the very bottom is the user dashboard.

To play you need to click/touch New Game and then set your bet. Next is choosing the numbers from 1 to 80; you can choose from 2 to 10 numbers, and they each turn blue when you click/touch it and the pay table lights up. Then once you hit Play, the action begins.

The balls come rolling in from the right, twenty in total. As they stop in line, the numbers come off the board. If one of them is a number you chose, it turns gold. From there, you'll have to consult the pay table to see if you're a winner – look for the blinking section.

After the balls have done their thing, if the middle logo enlarges and spins, it's time for the bonus round. This gives you two extra numbers for an additional chance to win big.

If you're looking for a new take on bingo, try Super Bonus Bingo. It's a blast.

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