Super 7 is a game that allows players to try to unlock the treasure jackpot. Based on lotto games, it's a fun way to see what will happen – and if you can crack the code.

When Super 7 launches, you'll see what looks like a cash register. In the middle are a series of numbers where you can enter the combination. Pick seven numbers in whatever order you'd like. Or, have the game randomly pick the numbers for you. Then once your numbers are set, turn the wheel with the lever on the right.

The combination will unfold on the screen. Get all seven numbers right in order, and you will hit the jackpot. It's also possible to win for getting some of the numbers right and being wrong on some numbers. The more correct numbers you get, the higher the winning amount.

This makes the choices in what numbers you play very important. Of course, if you just trust chance, the random number generator is available for players. Playing is fun. Stick to your combination for each round, or change it if you notice patterns in the game. 

You can bet as low as 10 cents a try or as much as €20 EUR. The higher the bet, the bigger the jackpot.

The game is designed to be played anywhere. Sit at home on any desktop or laptop. Or go out with any mobile device. It plays just as well on iPhones and Android devices as it does on tablets.

The point is to figure out what the combination is. Use your head, and you might win big bucks. All that's left is to play it and see if you can win. You won't know until you try.

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