Space Evader Gold is an arcade style game that really pays out. The player has eight rolls of the dice to help escort their alien critter home. If the player succeeds, they earn the chance to spin for the jackpot. If they don't, then it's time to try again – but you'll have another chance to win.

Along the way, there are other opportunities to win – but you may also be sent back to the start. The game board is laid out like this:

Yellow – Winning spots based on the player's stake in the game. The win is the highest one the player lands on.

Skull and Crossbones – These send you back to the start of the game and void the current winnings.

Green Teleporter – This transports you to the next green teleport spot.

Golden Crystal – Land on this and get teleported straight to the jackpot space.

Once the player arrives at the jackpot space, there is still one more game to go. You have to spin it to see what there is to be won. You may find a small jackpot – or a huge one. Spin the wheel, and hope the fortune is on your side.

The player can select the turbo option if the game seems to be going too slowly. You can also select the betting amount at the beginning of the game. This will affect your mini-winnings along the way – but not your chances at the big jackpot.

The return to player rate is 95.27 percent, giving great odds at winning the jackpot.

But overall, the only objective is to keep the little alien guy alive long enough to arrive at the end – and do it in eight turns or less. When he gets there you win and get to see what your prize is. The only question is whether you are ready to play Space Evader. We think so.

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