In the world of surfing, the phrase "big break" means that a wave is coming into shore that is worth a surfer's time and effort. When a surfer catches that wave right as it breaks big, it's a feeling like no other. And of course, in life on land, everyone knows that catching their big break can mean all the difference in their career.

Microgaming has fun scratch card game, Big Break, that plays off these two meanings to amuse players and offer the possibility of big wins. The player is immersed in a Hawaiian setting, with waves and golden sands, as well as some funky monkeys and their custom surfboards, who are ready to take on the sea for their own big breaks. There are also monkeys chillin' on their surfboards in the ocean, meditating monkeys, and of course, Munky Wax labels - it is the magic ingredient that keeps their surfboards rolling smooth!

There's a 9-block grid for the scratch card itself. The player has to uncover matching symbols, with 3-symbol combos increasing gains. With the scratch card's multipliers, the player can win double all the way up to the maximum, a whopping 10,000x their original bet. Now that's a Big Break!

The player can scratch off the blocks one by one, or select "Reveal All" to see the results right away. No matter which way you play, it's fun to try your luck at your own Big Break. Microgaming has optimized this game for computers, tablets and phones, so you can find your Big Break wherever you are, whether at home or on the go.

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