Technically, Pots o' Luck is considered a scratch card game. But in our experience, this is a unique game that's so much fun to play, you'll come back again and again to see if the luck of the Irish has shined upon you.

The Pots o' Luck playing field reminds us a bit of the classic computer game Mine Sweeper. It's a five-by-five grid, and when the round starts there are nine Blarney Stones in the center, three-by-three. Uncover all the Blarney Stones by clicking/tapping on each one. Or, you can choose the "Remove All" feature to reveal them all at once. There's also an Auto Play button that does five rounds at a time.

If you uncover three matching symbols – even if they're not connected – the second round begins, and seven more stones appear on the grid. Uncover these as well, and if there are four symbols in this new set of stones, you move on to the third round, when the rest of the grid is filled with the remaining nine stones.

Players can follow their progress in two ways. First, at the top of the grid is a message field that tells you what to do next, and what has prompted the next round. Along the bottom are all of the symbols – mushroom, pipe, leprechaun's hat, a pint of Guinness, rainbow, four-leaf clover, gold coins, a leprechaun and a pot of gold – with their payouts and a meter that displays how many of each symbol has appeared on the grid.

We have a lot of fun playing Pots o' Luck. The design is bright and whimsical. There is no ambient music, but decent sound effects for each round are satisfying. The controls are very simple, and your winnings and your balance are clearly shown at the bottom of the screen.

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