Pharaoh Bingo is an exciting bingo game from Microgaming that gives you up to 10 additional chances to win. Given the low number of balls used, this makes it almost assured that at least one of your cards will be a winner. So sit down and get ready to play bingo the way it was meant to be played!

The minimum bet per card is .01 credit. The maximum per card bet is 10 credits. When the game starts, you have to decide how many cards you want to play. The maximum per hand is four cards.

Each card has 15 numbers on it. There are no wild cards used. During a round, 60 balls are included in the hatch. Normally 30 of those balls are called out. When a number is called out and you have it, it's automatically scratched off one of your cards. As numbers are called, your card will begin to fill up.

If it ends and your card is just one number away from a win, that number will turn yellow so you can be on the lookout for it. Getting a full line of numbers on any of your cards is a win. The biggest win is scratching off all 15 numbers on the card.

When the game is over, if you haven't won, there are still more chances to win. For an additional fee, another ball can be drawn. Then check to see if you've won. You can draw a total of 10 extra balls. That would mean 40 of the 60 balls will be out and in play – making it very hard to lose.

Pharaoh Bingo this is a very classic way to play bingo that gives you bonus chances at staking a win. So if you are feeling lucky load it up and see if you are a winner or a loser! Either way you'll have a ton of fun.

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