Offside And Seek is an online scratch-off game that is perfect for football fans to play. It offers two ways to win, and is formatted for whatever device you want to play it on. It's simple, fun to enjoy, and brings the world of football straight to you.

In the first game, there are two chances to match three identical football players in a row. Each man has the value of the win written below him, so it is super easy to figure out what the stakes are. The types of men are a redhead, a blond man, a bald man, a redhead with long hair, a black man, a dark haired man, and another man with long hair.

The lowest possible win on this is the bald man. The highest possible win is to get three of the long-haired redhead. Remember, there are two lines here so punters get two chances to win.

Then once this has been played, don't log off yet – there is the second game. In this one, your players compete in animated scene to score a goal. The amount that's possible to win is displayed right by the box. If they get a goal, you win the indicated amount. If not, you lose. Also, unlike many other scratch-offs, you can win this game even if the first game was a loser.

Offside And Seek gives players of all levels of experience a fun football adventure. From matching players to scoring goals, it is all here. Offside And Seek can be played on a laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android device or tablet.

It brings football to the scratch-off arena. And it's not too serious. Just pick the amount you want to bet, and then reveal the scratch-off spots for a win.  You'll have a great time and feel like you're really getting into the match.

For anyone who has been looking for a football based game, Offside And Seek is the one to choose.

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