Mumbai Magic is an online scratch-off game that brings the magic of Bollywood to players around the world. It's fun and interactive, and provides a great scratch card experience for everyone. Try it out and see if you have what it takes to find a special kind of magic in Mumbai.

The betting limits for a Mumbai Magic ticket goes for as little as .50 credits or as much as 10 credits. The higher the stakes, the greater your chances of winning.

Once you buy a card, the screen will show a woman appear holding a crystal ball. The ball is infused with Bollywood symbols. Then out of the ball appear eight symbols for you to scratch off. To win, all you need to do is match any two of the symbols that appear.

Match two sitars and get five times the stake. Two film canisters will give a payout of 10 times your bet. Two women are 100 times your bet. Two women dancing, and the payout is 250 times the stakes. Two clappers will spill out 1,000 times the bet. And two dancing men pays out 20,000 times the initial bet.

Brought to Stakers players by Microgaming, Mumbai Magic is as beautiful as we expect from this design group. And it will make players feel like they are in their own personal Bollywood film. It's possible to try a demo version of the game for free until you are comfortable enough to play for real money.

It is optimized for play anywhere. It works on iPhones, Android devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. So whenever you are in the mood, just load it up and scratch a card.

Mumbai Magic really brings out the spirit of Bollywood fun. So give it a try. Who knows if fame and fortune are in your future. There is only one way to find out.

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