Lucky Numbers is a scratch off game inspired by Chinese culture with two distinct ways to win. Designed with Chinese coins, a gong and the feel of the Beijing streets, this is an exotic way for players to scratch their way to victory.

Developed by Microgaming, Lucky Numbers is a fun way to win that isn't too challenging. Simply place your bet, scratch one game, and then go onto the second game. Both games give players a chance of winning, so it's a dynamic experience from start to finish.

On the first game, there are six Chinese coins. You can either scratch them one at a time, or tell the game to auto-scratch all six fat once. Each one will show an amount you can win. Reveal three identical amounts anywhere on the board, and you win that much. So it's simple yet effective.

Once that is done, the second game starts. There is a gong that appears. Hit the gong, and it will display a number. Since the game is called Lucky 8, you won't be surprised that to win, you need an eight to be revealed. If that happens, it will declare that you've won and tell you how much you've won.

These two ways to win make Lucky Numbers an extremely fun way to wager on a scratch-off. And the Chinese theme is very fun.

If you are not sure if the game is for you, there is always the option of trying it out in demo mode. There is no monetary risk, so play at your leisure. However, you can see what you might have won. This gives players a chance to find out if Lucky Numbers is the right game for them.

Playable on any desktop, laptop, iPhone, tablet or Android device, Lucky Numbers delivers a gaming experience like no other. Take the chance and find out if you can win.

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