Lucky Gems is an interactive scratch-off game that will have punters begging to play more. Based on a leveling-up system, it is much more dynamic than most scratch-offs you may have played. Still the goal is the same – scratch off the card and see what type of symbols you'll get.

You have nine gems that you can find. The diamond is the largest value of all of them. With the first card, you need to scratch the grid in the middle. Then if you get a winning combination, you can win from one times your bet to 2,500 times your bet.

Most scratch-off games would stop there. Not Lucky Gems. Instead, a win takes players to the second level. Scratch off again. If you lose, you still get to win what you got on the first level. If you win you'll receive more credits and move onto the third round.

In the third round, the most valuable gem is worth a cool 10,000 credits. Like in the second round, if you lose you still can keep the first and second round winnings. If you win more you keep it all.

All of this is super simple fun. It's good for newbies. It's also great from people who need a break from slot machines.

It will run on any laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android device and most tablets. So you can play it nearly anywhere.

If for any reason you're confused by the levels, it's always possible to play in demo mode. This allows you to play without risking any money.

All in all Lucky Gems is a fun, not very complicated scratch-off game that could have you end up a big winner. Not too flashy, it's just a simple game with some extra levels.

So if fun scratch0off cards are what you want, then give Lucky Gems a try!

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