Imagine the homeless could fly. That, believe it or not, is the basis for the Hairy Fairies scratch off game. Set in a trash-encrusted area, homeless people have sprouted wings and are flying everywhere. They are the hairy fairies!

The amount the player bets and the winning amount are represented on crushed beer cans. Nine hairy fairies then appear flying around the dirty yard. Press on a fairy ,and he will turn into an amount you can win. Your goal is to get at least three amounts that are the same. That is all the difference between winning and losing.

While not politically correct, the game is fun. It's interesting to play a game that is silly. And imagining the homeless as magical fairies is as silly as you can get. The animation, including the beer cans and the trash, is very well rendered. You'll really feel like you are in a trash heap with hairy men flying above you.

The game is optimized to be played anywhere. You can play on your laptop or desktop. It works with iPhones and Android devices. It even works with tablets. So take it to your local Starbucks or snuggle up in the comfort of your own home to experience Hairy Fairies.

If you want a faster game, there is an option to have the game's automation feature unlock all of the fairies for you at once. For a slower game, take your time and scratch them off one by one and see exactly how they turn into a potential prize.

This is the perfect game for people with great sense of humor who want to laugh a bit and just enjoy themselves.

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