Game, Set and Scratch is the ultimate scratch-off game for anyone who loves tennis. It offers two ways to win and a large variety of bets. You'll love playing it, and may even see yourself score a big win. It's a fun adventure of hitting the balls with the pros on this game.

The lowest bit is .5 credits, and the highest bet is 10 credits. This gives you a wide berth with the level of risk you are comfortable with. There is also a demo game option. This allows players to test it out without money and see what they would have won. You can use this to practice before you get into the real game.

In the first game of each round, there are six circles to scratch off. You can scratch them one at a time or have them all revealed at once. When they are revealed, you'll get a bunch of male and female tennis players. Each player has their win amount written right below their face. Get three identical players, and win that much money. It's fun and easy and the players all look silly.

Once this is done, the second game, on the right, starts. It is an animated mini-match of tennis. If you get the point, you win. If not, you lose. Should you get the point, it will then display how much you've won. It's possible to win this game even if you lost the first game.

The game is optimized for anywhere players want to play. Use an iPhone Android device, tablet or even a desktop or laptop. It will load up and be playable instantly.

So if you are into scratch-off games and like tennis, Game, Set and Scratch is the game for you. It takes online scratch-off to the next level. Why not log in and see if you can with the match?

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