Freezing Fuzzballs may seem like a goofy name for a lottery scratch card, but one look at the gameplay on this title and you'll realize it's the perfect name. Yep, Microgaming has done it again with a fun, funny, and kind of adorable game that will warm players' hearts as it hopefully fills their pockets.

Set in a wintertime wonderland, six whimsical characters are frozen in a block of nine ice cubes. The characters include a fish, a penguin, an Eskimo, a seal, a baby polar bear, and one character we simply can't identify but makes us laugh every time.

Each character has their own multiplier. Click or tap on each of the ice cubes to reveal the characters as the ice melts. You have to thaw out three matching characters to win. The multipliers range from 2x for the penguin to 2500x for the Eskimo.

There are no jackpots, no bonus games and no bonus payouts. And we think that's just fine! Freezing Fuzzballs is entertaining enough without a bunch of additional whistles, horns and bells. There's no learning curve here. Beginners can play for free until they get the hang of it, while customizing the stakes attracts high rollers who want to flirt with Lady Luck.

One more thing that's absent from Freezing Fuzzballs is music, and we just want to say, thank goodness. Music for scratch games tend to be more annoying than anything else, and we often mute it. The only sound you will here during the game is a "bloop" as you tap on each ice cube to melt it.

We have completely fallen in love with Freezing Fuzzballs, and we think you will, too. Give it a try today.

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