Foamy Fortunes is one of the newest scratch-off games to come from the developers and designers at Microgaming. It's based on a bathtub theme, and will have you popping bubbles to see if you win.

Set in a bathtub, the water starts to run. Then five bubbles float up. You have to burst them. If there are three of the same prize number, you win that prize. But if you get three rubber ducks, then you automatically lose the game. There is the option to pop them one at a time or ask the game to pop all of them automatically at once. Whatever floats your tugboat.

You can bet anywhere from one credit up to 10 credits per game. And you have the chance to win 10,000 times your bet, as well. Because the game can be played very quickly, this gives high rollers a chance. But since there is the option to bet low and play slowly, even the lowest rollers can have fun.

Playing from anywhere is simple. The game has been made so it can be played on practically any device. Whether it's an Android or iPhone, you can play. It will work with most tablets. And, of course, it will run on Microsoft and Apple laptops and desktops.

Foamy Fortunes is a great entry-level game for people new to online scratch-offs. It's simple and doesn't have any side games to confuse punters. And since the potential payoff is so high, your chances of getting a great jackpot are awesome.

That said ,experienced players can have fun bursting bubbles quickly and then moving on to their next card. Either way, this is good clean fun. So turn on the taps and play today.

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