Lights. More lights. Action! Electro Bingo lights up the night with exciting game play and lots of colorful design. Will your numbers come up? The only way to find out is by playing.

The game's screen is dominated by the bingo machine that mixes up the balls. At the top of the screen are the pay tables, and on either side of the machine are a total of four bingo cards of fifteen numbers each. Then down below, there is space for the 30 balls that are chosen for each round of play. Ten bonus balls are drawn as well, and appear above them.

At the very bottom of the screen is the user dashboard, where you can choose your stake for the game and the number of cards you want to play per round.

Once the balls are drawn, your card or cards are marked up. Check the pay table to see if you've matched any of the fourteen patterns that are in the pay tables. And look closely, because you can have more than one winning pattern on each card!

If it looks like one of your cards is just a ball or two away from a big win, there is the option to purchase additional balls. Up to ten balls are available, but you'll be charged for them. So calculate the odds and make your choice.

There is a jackpot option in Electro Bingo, too. If one of your cards is completely filled from the first 30 balls that come out of the machine, boom – it's the top payout for you.

We simply love Electro Bingo. The colors are fun and keep the mood exciting. The action is fast and fun. And with fully half the balls being drawn, there's always a good chance at the jackpot.

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