Welcome to Dragon's Fortune – a new title from Microgaming that is more about suspense than traditional scratch cards. It might not be for everyone, but there are definitely some players who can't get enough.

This game is not set up like the usual cards, with a playing area on one side and instructions or characters on the other. Instead, the "card" is a beautifully designed animated scene featuring a fierce red dragon designed in the Chinese style. There is also a golden plate hanging from a bar, the game's logo in English and Mandarin, and the different "pearls" that are revealed and their multiplier amounts.

Once you hit play, that's the end of your interaction with the scratch card – but it is when the suspense begins. The red dragon spits not fire, but glowing pearls onto the golden plate. From there, they're placed in the bar above it. There are six pearls in all that you receive from the dragon.

You only have to match two pearls to win. The multipliers range from 2x to 20,000x, so there is a chance for big jackpots here. But it's all up to the dragon, so you have to simply keep playing to see if his fortune shines on you.

As we said, this game might not be for everyone. Players who like the action of scratching individual spots on a game card won't love the simple play-and-see vibe of this game. But there is plenty to hold your attention once the gameplay begins, and it's exciting to see if there will ever be a match of two pearls. You can play for free for a while before throwing down a bankroll to see if it's a good fit. So try it today, because the Dragon's Fortune awaits.

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